Johnny Depp Starts Playing “Jack Sparrow” for a Fan Who Says He’ll Always Be Jack Sparrow for Her

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For as far as we can remember, the name Captain Jack Sparrow is synonymous with Johnny Depp. When the first Pirates of The Caribbean movie came out, one thing that stood out amongst everything else was Johnny Depp’s iconic character of Jack Sparrow.

Jack Sparrow took the world by storm. People all over the world recognized the character and kids were dressing up as Jack Sparrow on Halloween – it was a super-hit and memorable character.

Sadly, in light of recent allegations made against Johnny Depp, Disney decided to drop him from the franchise. The upcoming Pirates of The Caribbean sequel is not going to have Johnny Depp – it’s unbelievable to see how such an important factor can be removed from a franchise he helped grow, but it is still happening.

Yesterday, outside the courthouse, Johnny Depp was in his car and fans were waiting for him to tell him how much they love him. A fan tells him he will always be Jack Sparrow to her. Mr. Depp shows instant adoration to the fan by responding in his iconic Jack Sparrow voice!

The fan said to Depp:

“You’ll always be the Captain Jack Sparrow,”

To which, Johnny Depp responded in Jack Sparrow’s character:

“He’s still around somewhere, I see him now and again.”

The fan responded:

“Hey, don’t forget his jar of dirt and the mega pint,”

It is so wholesome to see Johnny Depp keeping his spirits up even though he has been living through an incredibly difficult situation since Amber Heard wrote an op-ed against him in 2016. But this trial has opened a lot of new doors for Johnny Depp as a lot of new information has come to light regarding the terrible marriage he was in with Amber Heard.

This trial is slowly coming to a conclusion, we will keep you posted with all of the important updates as they come.

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