Johnny Depp Visited a Bar in Newcastle and Gave Pregnant Bar Manager Some Parenting Advice

Image Credits: Janine Della Felix Latchford

Last week, a bar manager in the UK had an exciting encounter with star actor Johnny Depp. In the last week of May, Johnny traveled to England to visit his musician friend with whom he has made some stage appearances and surprised the audience.

Lauren Whittington works as a bar manager at the Bridge Tavern pub in Newcastle, United Kingdom. On Wednesday, June 2, 2022 (the same day his trial concluded in Virginia and he won the case), while she was in the middle of her day shift when she noticed that this handsome man was sitting in one corner of the bar, casually talking and eating fish & chips with his friend.

She said it didn’t take her long to realize that he was no random person; he was the ‘Captain Jack Sparrow.’ “Yes, he was Johnny Depp, and he was sitting with his musician friend, Jeff Beck.

Whittington said she was shocked and couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw him.

“None of us could believe it, he went unnoticed for maybe an hour before anyone realized it was him, and Jeff Beck just sat eating Fish and Chips together in the corner.”

After noticing him, she couldn’t stop herself from going to their table and asking if they needed anything. “It was unbelievable. It was really him.” She gasped.

Lauren told the outlet that their friend, Sam Fender, had yet to join them. So, Johnny’s security came inside and asked the bar management if they could help them escort Sam in, as they didn’t want much public attention.

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 “His security came over and asked if there was any way we could get Sam Fender in without people ambushing him, so we shut off our upstairs terrace for them to go up there. They were really grateful and stayed for a couple of hours, with Sam staying long after Johnny and Jeff left.” She added.

She further shared that she asked Johnny if she could take a few pictures with him, and he said, “Sure, why not.”

The manager said that while they were taking the photos, Johnny Depp noticed that she was pregnant and gave her some parenting advice.

“Then he was giving me some advice on nappies, lack of sleep, and the first few weeks of parenthood, saying it’ll be the greatest gift I ever receive and I won’t know love like it until I look into her eyes for the first time.

“He was also talking about his kids, who are grown up now, and how magical being a parent is.”

Whittington said that the court’s verdict was due in an hour, and he had to leave with Jeff, so the staff bid him farewell and wished him luck for the final decision.

“He left about an hour before the verdict and said he had a zoom call about it, so we wished him luck and thanked him for being so kind, and he thanked us for having him.”


The Mirror

Janine Della Felix Latchford

Bridge Tavern

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  1. That has got to be so special. I wish something like that would happen to me. I truly believe he is a wounder young man.

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