Julia Roberts’ Daughter is Growing Up Fast and Looks Just Like Her Mom Back in the Day

Julia Roberts is a leading American actress known for her versatility in roles ranging from romantic comedies and dramas to action and thriller movies.

The actress is known as one of the most bankable stars in Hollywood as many of her films have earned more than 100 million dollars, in fact, six of her projects were ranked among the highest-grossing movies of their respective years.

Her famous movies include Notting Hill, Pretty Woman, Gaslit, Runaway Bride, My Best Friend’s Wedding, The Pelican Brief, and Eat Pray Love.

Being one of Hollywood’s most successful and beautiful actresses, Julia was approached by many people, and some of them were lucky enough to date her, though only for a short time.

The Runaway actress dated Liam Neeson, Mathew Perry, Dylan McDermott, and Jason Patric. She also remained engaged with The Lost Boys actor Kiefer Sutherland for some time and later broke off.

In 1993 after a whirlwind romance, Roberts tied the knot with Lyle Lovett in a small church in Marion. But unfortunately, like her past relationships, her marriage also didn’t work, and the two separated in 1995.

Eventually, in 2000, she met Danny Moder on the set of “The Mexican.” Danny was part of the camerapersons’ crew when the actress became friends with him.

At that time, she was dating Benjamin Bratt, and Moder was married to makeup artist Vera Steimberg.

“I think that first kind of real seismic shift was meeting Danny. That was the first, like, my life will never be the same in the most incredible, indescribable way.” She once told Closer Weekly.

According to the outlet, the duo didn’t start dating immediately but remained friends throughout the time. After almost six months, Danny filed for divorce from Vera Steimberg, but she refused to let him go.

Ultimately he left her, and the divorce was finalized. By the time Julia was also single, as she called it quits with the Modern Family actor, the two got into a relationship.

Little did they know it would become the fairytale they have always longed for. But Moder’s wife obviously didn’t consider their love story a ‘fairytale’ as she blamed the Notting Hill actress for stealing her husband.

In her interview with The Post, she said that Roberts started courting her Danny when he was still married to her.

“I’ll never be able to forgive Julia – she’s a husband stealer. It won’t last with her anyway. She will be looking for a new husband within a year. Danny has a roving eye, and he won’t change.”

According to The Things, Roberts pressured Vera to sign the divorce papers, and she even handed her an amount of 200,000 dollars to let Moder go.

Later, the makeup artist told an outlet that Roberts wanted her to give up on her husband, and she even succeeded in her mission.

“Julia has been desperate to get him down the aisle, and she’s got her wish. I never wanted to lose him, but I’ve given up now.”

Despite all the mess, Julia and Danny ultimately married in 2002. On their wedding day, the couple decided to keep it minimal and dressed in simple outfits. Julia wore a pastel pink halter dress with pearls, beads, and hand-painted flowers. In contrast, Danny looked dapper in a red ruffled shirt and brown pants.

The couple is now parents to three kids, twins – daughter Hazel and son Phinnaeus, and their youngest, Henry.

The twins, Hazel and Phinnaeus, were born in November 2004, and they are both over 18 now. Henry was born in 2007 and will turn 15 next month.

“I tried to carry somebody up to bed the other night, and it was just … alright, you’re gonna have to get on your feet and sleepwalk because I just can’t get up the stairs,” she once told Instyle.

Although the Pretty Woman star likes to keep her kids away from the spotlight, she often discusses her love for them in interviews and once said that they are all very similar to her and Danny.

“And the thing is, we have these three human beings who are just a complete reflection of the affection we have for each other,” said Julia.

To avoid the paparazzi and live a peaceful life away from the bustling life of Los Angeles, Julia’s family has relocated to a more peaceful neighborhood in San Francisco.

“She wanted her children to have the experience of a city with a different energy and vibe” an insider told Closer Weekly. “Her kids are not movie star kids in San Francisco, where no one cares who your mom is.”

And if you take a look at the actress’s only daughter, Hazel Moder, she looks just like her iconic mother. Hazel is 18 and has no plans to pursue acting like her gorgeous mother.

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