Just Because You Are Imperfect Doesn’t Mean You Are Unlovable

Please, stop blaming yourself.

You are an imperfect person. You are far from perfect, in fact. You have many flaws about you. You have your fair share of shortcomings and vulnerabilities. You have lots to be insecure about. But that doesn’t take away from your strength as an individual.

Sure, you don’t really have what the kind of perfect skin that the media wants you to believe in. You have stumbled throughout the course of your life. You may have even found yourself in a number of helpless situations that you thought would crush and destroy you. But here you still are. You’re still fighting. You’re still pushing forward. You have overcome so many trials in the past and you can overcome plenty of trials that are bound for you in the future. You know what it means to get hurt and still find the strength to keep on moving. You know what it feels like to get the wind knocked out of you, to fall on your knees, and gather the resolve to get back up again. You have gained so much more than you have lost and it’s all because of your strength. You have never let your imperfections paralyze you into submission and that is what is most important about who you are. 

Okay, you aren’t necessarily considered to be a perfect being, but you are a special and unique individual who is always worth taking note of. 

You are a human snowflake. There is a kind of beauty inside of you that is exclusive only to you. No other person on this world will have the same scars on their skin as you do. No other person in this world is going to have the same amount of hair as you do. No other person in this world is going to know your experiences, your hardships, your pains, your victories, and your sorrows. No one is going to bring the same kind of presence to a room the way that you do. No one’s voice is going to have the exact kind of timbre or tone that yours has. Sure, you’re not going to be good at many things in life. In fact, there may be some things that you are just downright terrible at. You are going to have your moments of vulnerability wherein you feel like you can’t possibly do anything to lift yourself out of the situation that you’re in. You will have your off days wherein you feel completely inept and worthless. You will have those days wherein your self-doubt will be overwhelming. In those moments, you are just going to have to be mindful of your worth and value as a person. You still have much to contribute to the world and you always have to remember that. 

You are an imperfect human being, but that doesn’t mean you’re just going to give up trying to chase perfection.

You’ve been beaten, chewed up, and spit out. You have had people trample all over you. You have been used and abused so many times before. You have had countless people rain on your parades. You have had stretches where a perennial black cloud was always present. You have been through hell and back. And that’s how you know that you’re still worth something in this world. Despite everything, you’re still here and you’re still keeping your chin up. You still always managed to maintain a healthy perspective of the world. You always tried your best to persist in your optimism and positivity. You still always chose to be resilient. You still kept on working hard and grinding on. You still invested a lot of your effort into the things that you are most passionate about. So whenever you find yourself questioning what you do, just remember that you still matter in this world. You will not go silently into the night. You are a disruptor in this world. You are an innovator. You have what it makes to make a dent in society and that accounts for something. 

It’s very important for you to never let your weaknesses, shortcomings, or imperfections define who you are as a person. You are so much more than your own failures and screw-ups. You are so much more than just the sum of all your parts. You have so much to offer this world and so you can’t afford to be complacent. You can’t afford to be lazy. There is great potential inside of you. Yes, you are imperfect. But that doesn’t mean that you are unlovable. There are plenty aspects of who you are to love and you just have to choose to focus on those parts of yourself. Don’t let yourself drown in negativity. Don’t succumb to all the perilous thinking and negative comments. Let your positivity and love for yourself inspire the people around you. 

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