Just Because You’re A Man, Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Cry

A lot of people say that it’s a man’s world. However, that isn’t necessarily the case all of the time. There is just so much pressure on men to be or act a certain way, and it’s incredibly unfortunate that this is the case. These days, the rise of female empowerment movements have been sweeping the news. And that’s good. It shows growth in human civilization. Women are now gaining more recognition for what they do and who they are. They are now more encouraged to pursue grander things in life. They are now encouraged to be more powerful; to break the glass ceilings that have been set all over the world. However, amidst all the hysteria and excitement surrounding the female empowerment movement, the male perspective can get drowned out as well; and that can be very dangerous.

Men don’t have it as easily as a lot of people may typically think. A lot of times, many expectations are being placed on men – and these expectations can be very toxic for men and how they live their lives. Men are always expected to talk, walk, act, and react a certain way by those who have dogmatic mindsets. These are the kinds of mindsets that say that men always have to be macho and strong. These are the mindsets that say that men always have to pay for everything in relationships. These are the kinds of mindsets that say that men always have to suppress their feelings and emotions; because showing any feelings would be a weakness. In particular, men are often told that they aren’t allowed to cry because it would make them look like absolute weaklings. And that’s a belief that we have all got to just get rid of.

People say that crying is a sign of weakness. But it really shouldn’t be. However, women are expected to cry more; and so there isn’t really much backlash whenever they shed a few tears. However, it’s very different for men. Men are often the ones who have to be suppressing their tears because of toxic masculinity. Boys should really be taught that it’s okay to cry. Men should always be taught that crying can always be seen as a healthy and positive exercise.

If you feel like you’re not completely sold on this, then read this article. Here are some compelling reasons as to why men should be encouraged to cry more.

1. It’s not embarrassing to cry at all.

It’s really not embarrassing to be crying at all. We all have feelings and emotions as human beings. And we all get overwhelmed by how we feel at times. This shouldn’t be something that you should be ashamed of.

2. You get a chance to express how you feel.

When you cry, you are given a chance to more accurately depict how you feel. This is important when you’re trying to get a point across to a person you’re trying to communicate with.

3. It gives you a chance to show off your softer side.

You need to be able to show the people you love all sides of you – not just the parts of you that you want to show off. And sometimes, showing off your softer side can really help people understand you better.

4. It gives you an opportunity to release your frustrations.

When you keep your feelings and emotions bottled up inside, it can really eat away at you and make you angrier and more upset. When you cry, you are given a chance to release all of that anger and frustration in your life.

5. It helps calm you down in times of severe stress and tension.

Sometimes, you can get overwhelmed with all of the stress and tension that is taking over your life. And when that happens, a good cry can be really therapeutic. After having a good cry, you will have a clearer mind and a calmer heart.

6. You get a chance to serve as an example to other boys.

When you cry unashamedly, you are giving boys all around you the permission to do the same whenever they are feeling particularly vulnerable. So, don’t be afraid to serve as an example to all men out there.

7. You become more sensitive and empathetic.

When you allow yourself to cry, you become more sensitive and empathetic to the woes and problems of other people – most especially men. You accept that so many people are dealing with so many struggles; just as you are.

8. It creates better intimacy between you and your loved ones.

When you allow yourself to cry, you are given a chance to really bond with those you love. You are given a chance to show a more vulnerable and intimate side of yourself.

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