Why ˜Just Move On’ Is The Worst Advice For Someone Who Just Got Their Heart Broken

I was in love with him for a long time. He was an important part of my life and I had to see him wed another woman in front of my eyes. I was invited cordially and I had to go. I had to see his glowing smile one more time even though my body ached with pain. Everyone told me that I should move on. Some people told me that time will heal everything. How can time heal anything when you’re stuck in the moments you spent with them in your head?e

Nothing Made sense to me

No matter what anyone said, their words had no impact on me. I still tried. I went on a couple of dates and I tried to move on but when you are in love with someone for so long, the feelings latch on to your brain. As long as someone occupies your head and heart, you can’t find perfection in another person. You become insecure and you lose hope. You become skeptical about love.

At times, there were no emotions at all. There was this emptiness that shrouded me and I felt like a nihilist. I was in an existential crisis. I didn’t even want to pick the spoon up to eat and care about my health or comb my hair. Life had just lost meaning.

The best thing to do in a situation like this is to take a break from relationships. Love is an essential part of everyone’s life. The problem is after you’ve been heartbroken; life doesn’t just stop for you. You still have to live life. For me, I wasn’t living, I was just existing in my past every day. A past which had no chance of repeating itself in the future because he was long gone and acceptance is hard.В  – Continue reading on next page

I had lost all hope in love

You become cold-hearted and you don’t let life give you a chance. This was something that was happening to me. I enjoyed my life to the fullest before all this but after this emotional trauma, it was hard for me to trust anyone.

His Love made everything else seem meaningless

These problems happen because when we are in love, sometimes we stunt our individual growth. We stop seeing what friendship has to offer and how a trip to an exotic place will make us feel because the power of love is so overwhelming that it makes the other emotions feel small in front of it.

How did I heal?

Remember, that missing someone is just a part of moving on. If you’re ever heartbroken, then the best way to heal to is to not get an antidote for it. Some diseases just go away with time and we don’t have to force them to leave. You have to know in your heart that it’s okay to get hurt. Sometimes you’ll be hurt for years as was my case. Pain and suffering, they’re all mortals. Your will to live is all you need. The determination to not quit, no matter how hard it may feel.

The only thing you can do is to get out of your bed and experience the newer things in life. Sometimes, when you experience things and spend time with people, you discover their stories, just like you are listening to mine. You will ultimately find that there are people out there who have gone through the exact same things you have and they have healed. You find hope and hope is the fuel of life. – Continue reading on next page

The only way you can make yourself stronger is to love yourself. I spent a long time bettering myself for him. I completely ignored myself and catered to his every need.

I forgot that there was a person who lived inside me. She wanted the same love that I was offering to someone else. I drained her and ultimately, she started to give up on me like he gave up on me. It was time for redemption and the day I started to take better care of myself.

The day I noticed my beautiful curves in the mirror and the day I felt proud of myself for bearing with all the sufferings and all the hard times I had gone through, I felt better. I felt accomplished.

There was something other than heartbreak that occupied my head. I wanted to do things for myself instead of someone else. I didn’t want to exist, I wanted to live. I didn’t want to spend the remaining days of my life tucked away in my bed moaning about what I had lost. I wanted to get up and search for things I hadn’t found.

Trust me, the things that you have lost are finite but the things that you still have the possibility to find are infinite. Your imagination can lead you to places that are full of happiness and love.

Optimism is the most important thing. The day you make yourself understand that somewhere out there in the world, something good awaits you; things will start to get better for you. Life is not an easy path, its tricky business. But you’ll feel more proud of yourself for bearing the hardships than rejoicing in the happy times.

Tell me about your Experiences!

Have you ever gone through something that has broken your heart into smithereens? How have you tackled such a situation? Do you feel proud of yourself for bearing with all you went through? Share your experiences and let us guide each other through such hard times!

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