Kelly Clarkson & Her Ex-Husband Reach Settlement over $17 Million Montana Ranch

Divorces are always difficult and challenging – especially if you’re superstars and have a lot of settlements to make. Kelly Clarkson, superstar singer, and her ex-husband Brandon Blackstock had been married for seven years. But this isn’t a story that has a happy ending – the two had a tough marriage and couldn’t continue.

Kelly & Brandon got married in 2013. They had two children together – River Rose & Remington Alexander. The couple tried to have a happy marriage, but their differences were too vast to allow for a happy marriage.

Kelly Clarkson finally filed for divorce in June 2020. Among one of their significant properties was a massive ranch in Montana – worth over $17 million.

While her ex-husband tried to present the ranch as being 50/50 between the couple – Kelly didn’t agree, and neither did the court. She agreed to give her ex-husband 5.12% ownership over the Montana Ranch.

According to court documents obtained by USA TODAY, the judge ruled in favor of Ms. Clarkson. The documents stated:

“Brandon’s separate property ownership interest in the Warren Peak Ranch is 5.12%,”

“The parties agree that Brandon’s 5.12% ownership interest in the Warren Peak Ranch is $908,800.”

“The court therefore rejects (Blackstock’s) position that the Montana ranch and other Montana properties are marital property owned 50/50 by the parties,”

According to PEOPLE, a source close to Kelly Clarkson spoke about how she’s doing:

“Kelly is more than fine. She is doing great and facing forward,”

“She’s enjoying the fact that she has the kids for the vast majority of the time and is enjoying time spent with them.”

“When she doesn’t work, she is all about being a mom,”

“She loves being with her kids. Occasionally, she even takes her kids to work. It’s obvious that she wants to spend as much time with them as possible.”

Indeed, Kelly Clarkson has always had a lucrative and successful career. From being a superstar singer to sitting on the judge’s seat of The Voice – she has done it all. In her recent endeavors, she will host NBC’s American Song Contest in March 2022.

Divorces are tough; we hope Kelly Clarkson & her ex-husband can find peace and happiness in their lives in the future.

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