Kelly Osbourne Looks Unrecognizable as She Shows off Her Incredible Weight Loss

The daughter of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne looked flawless as she promoted her guest host appearance on the game show Beat Shazam on her social media.

Taking to her Instagram, the 38-year-old model and actress shared a series of photos and stories promoting her new look – Osbourne looked chic in a purple suit with a bright pink shirt underneath.

The mum-of-one, who gave birth to her baby boy, Sydney,  about six months ago, was photographed wearing bright pink shoes with her purple hair loosely open and styled on her shoulders.

“DON’T FORGET to tune in TONIGHT @beatshazamfox at 8 pm on @foxtv,” the caption read. “Don’t miss it!!!!!”

The former reality star is filling in on the show for Jamie Foxx, who’s on leave amid his battle with his health issues.

Last week Kelly spoke to Us Weekly for an interview and opened up about her connection with her Beat Shazam cohost, Nick Cannon, and said she loves working with him because of his professionalism.

“Working with Nick is so much fun. It is. He is such a professional. He came in and just killed it. Like, he was so good, and working with him is really fun, I have to say,” she said.

“We were talking [and] I have more questions for him. Because I’m just starting out [on giving] food [to] my baby and I was asking him what foods he started with and if — and when — he lets his children use an iPad and what they watch,” Kelly added about Nick giving him a bit of parenting advice.

“And we both share a love for Miss Rachel [videos] and we found ourselves on set singing her songs, which was very funny.”

Beat Shazam is a game show which puts two teams against each other with the challenge of recognizing some biggest hit songs of all time.

Speaking about her hosting experience on the show, Kelly told Fox 5,

“The contestants… I had such an emotional connection to, because watching how their knowledge of music, just from knowing music, could potentially change their lives.”

“Winning up to up to a million dollars, it was just such a beautiful experience,” she added. “When there was a song that they had a memory attached to, and then they talk about their memory of it, and you go on this journey with them from the start of the show to the end of it, you just root for them so much and you want them to win.”

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