Fans Wonder if Kim Kardashian is Balding After Daughter North Posts Unedited TikTok without Extensions

The TikTok clip of the reality star left fans wondering if she is balding.

In December, Kim’s eldest daughter, North, 9, shared an unedited video clip of her mama on her TikTok account. The SKIMS founder showed off her natural hair without any hair extensions.

“In the clip, Kim sat on her bed wearing pink pajamas in her $60 million mansion. The SKIMS founder – who recently went back to brunette – went makeup-free and had wet hair, having seemingly just come out of the shower,” The Sun wrote.

“While Kim favors long waist-length extensions out in public, at home, she had parted her hair to the side, reaching just past her ears.”

Fans were shocked to see the socialite’s natural hair, which looked nothing like her picture-perfect long extended hair through extensions.

The original clip was deleted from North West’s official account; however, a fan later reposted the video on the platform again and wrote,

“Kim with her natural hair. She should go wigless.”

The clip was viewed by over 3 million people on TikTok, and many people said they didn’t even know the Keeping Up With the Kardashian star wears a wig every time she is out in public.

“I had no idea she wore a wig, I assumed it was her natural hair,” one wrote.

“I’m wondering what she is covering on the side of her face,” said another.

“she needs to give it a rest a bit,” a third said.

“omg she has three strands of hair. She needs to stop bleaching it,” wrote another.

One fan shared the screenshot of her natural hair on Reddit and wrote, “TikTok exposes Kim’s real hair.”

One person said on Reddit, “I can’t get over how thin it looks now,” Ugh the gummy stretchy hair is the worsttttt.”

“Her hair has definitely gotten thinner over the years. It’s not just the bleaching,” added another.

“It’s also the heat damage daily, the tight slicked back styles, wearing her hair super tight under wigs,” said another.

“She’s an attractive woman she needs to just get a pixie [haircut] and start over,” someone suggested.

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Source: TikTok

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  1. MAKE UP FREE?!?!? 🙄
    WOW! doesn’t even look like Kim, who was naturally attractive – with no make up and no wigs. But sure she’s not concerned with my opinion. As long as she is happy with herself 🤷🏻‍♀️

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