Kim Kardashian and Daughter North’s TikTok Account Is Taken Down

Kim Kardashian and her eldest daughter, North West have a joint TikTok account which has been temporarily ‘taken down’ amid rumor that the nine-year-old is taking a break from social media.

The account showed a message that read, “Couldn’t find this account,” for almost an hour on Thursday, with fans speculating that either Kim or North herself had taken it down.

“An insider close to the reality TV family told TMZ that North, nine, was behind the decision to temporarily scuttle the account, which had 15.5 million followers under the handle @kimandnorth,” wrote Daily Mail.

“North has been more interested in focusing her creativity in other areas lately and is taking a break from TikTok,” the source said. “Like most kids, interests change often, so she may be back on as early as tomorrow – or never again.”

The account was created nearly two years ago, and the mother-daughter duo regularly shares videos about their routine, shenanigans, and lifestyle in general.

North is super active on social media despite her father’s disapproval of her being exposed to the online world at such an early age. Last year Kanye made headlines after he called out his ex-wife and said he was not okay with North using TikTok.

“Tell her don’t have my daughter wearing lipstick on TikTok and don’t have her on TikTok at all if I don’t approve that, and I said it after it was done without me knowing, and it happened again,” the rapper told Hollywood Unlocked in January 2022.

“So I feel like there’s some poking the bear, trying to antagonize me or create this, like, “crazy” narrative. Because to say someone is crazy, they’re trying to take the power away and do anything to get people to not pay attention to me.”

In response, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star shared her statement on Instagram and said West was only trying to control and manipulate her with his public statement.

“As the parent who is the main provider and caregiver for our children, I am doing my best to protect our daughter while also allowing her to express her creativity in the medium that she wishes with adult supervision – because it brings her happiness,” she wrote.

“Divorce is difficult enough on our children, and Kanye’s obsession with trying to control and manipulate our situation so negatively and publicly is only causing further pain for all.”

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Source: Daily MailHollywood Unlocked

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