Kim Kardashian’s Ex Business Partner Left Financially Ruined and is Living Out of Car

The reality star’s ex-business partner, who developed the Kardashian-themed emoji app called Kimoji for her, claims he’s financially ruined and living out of a car.

David Liebensohn, 43, worked with Kim Kardashian, 41, and developed the application for her with the help of his two colleagues. The app generated $1 million in one minute.

According to Daily Mail“But they didn’t see a cent after their deal fell apart after what he claims were misunderstandings and Kim and her no-nonsense lawyer Marty Singer gave them little option but to walk away from developing Kimoji, losing out on a fortune.”

“Liebensohn sued Kim for $ 300 million in 2019 claiming she stole his idea, ran away with the trademark.”

Speaking to the outlet, David said he wants people to know the truth about the Kardashians.

“If I get hit by a bus tomorrow, I want everyone to know the truth about the Kardashians. I refuse to be gagged.”

However, Kim’s legal team claimed that Liebensohn himself signed away all the rights of Kimoji to the socialite, and she is the legal owner of the app.

“Liebensohn willingly signed away all rights to the app, giving Kim ‘unfettered’ ownership of Kimoji, and noted that his claims against her were rejected by an LA Superior Court judge,” per Daily Mail.

“Liebensohn and his colleagues had initially agreed on a deal with Kardashian’s team for a profit-share on Kimoji and an anti-cyber bullying app they’d created called CensorGram, which Kim was eager to be the face of before the deal went south.”

In 2015, the reality star’s ex-husband Kanye West also rapped about the success of her Kimoji app in one of his songs.

“Kimoji just shut down the app store! And we made a million a minute, we made a million a minute!”

According to David, he was forced to withdraw the lawsuit against Kim after he was left with no money to pay his legal fees.

“He lost his home, his $2million business, and his family,” per Daily Mail. “He now lives in his 2011 Toyota Prius to save on rent and showers in the gym.”

The software developer has now moved to Los Angeles from Oklahoma City and waves a placard on the streets of Hollywood that reads, “Kim Kardashian ruined my life’ which he hopes will gain on and offline traction.”

“I thought people might want to know about this story, what have I got to lose right now by telling it?” said David.

“I’m literally sleeping in my car. I might as well put all this in a story that people can maybe make some sense out of, and see what happens.”

“I lost my wife, my kids blamed me, they had a rough time at school, they were teenagers at the time and idolized that family – Kim and her sisters – then this happened, and it destroyed us.”

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Source: Daily Mail

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