Lady Gaga Sued by Dog Theft Accomplice for Not Paying $500K Reward Money

Lady Gaga has been sued by the woman involved in stealing her French bulldogs for not giving the $500,000 reward.

PEOPLE reported that Jennifer McBride was one of the five people who were arrested for stealing the pop star’s two French bulldogs in February 2021.

“According to Los Angeles County Superior Court documents obtained by PEOPLE, Jennifer McBride — the woman who returned Gaga’s dogs Koji and Gustav — has sued the 13-time Grammy Award winner, 36, for not paying the $500,000 reward she originally offered.”

In Friday’s filing, Jennifer’s attorney stated that after putting the “no questions asked” on her reward offer, Lady Gaga failed to pay the money. By doing so, she committed a breach of contract and fraud by false promise and fraud by misrepresentation.

According to the lawsuit, “McBride believes Gaga’s “no questions asked” offer was made “with the intent to defraud and induce members of the public, such as Plaintiff, to rely upon it and to act upon said promise by locating and delivering Lady Gaga‘s bulldogs to Defendants.”

McBride claims that she returned the Bad Romance singer’s purebred pups, Koji and Gustav, only two days after stealing them.

“Per TMZ, McBride claims she returned the dogs to Gaga at the LAPD Olympic Community station on Feb. 26, 2021 — just two days after they were taken,” wrote Page Six.

“McBride was later charged in connection to the theft with receiving stolen property and being an accessory to the crime. She allegedly dated the father of one of the men responsible for assaulting Gaga’s dog walker, Ryan Fischer.”

Now, the dog-stealer wants Gaga to pay her reward money along with $1.5 million in damages for posting the misleading reward offer.

Reacting to this news, fans of Gaga have several things to say and they are all on point.

“The American legal system is so GHETTO. The woman who stole Lady Gaga’s dogs (and was charged with theft) is now SUING Lady Gaga for the $500,000 reward that Gaga posted for whomever returned her “lost” dogs… You can’t make this stuff up,” one wrote on Twitter.

“Woman steals dog – Lady Gaga offers $500k for her dog’s return – Woman thinks $500k is juicy – Woman returns stolen dog to Lady Gaga – Woman is caught and charged for kidnapping the dog – Woman sues Lady Gaga for not sending $500k That woman’s crazy, but she’s a genius,” another commented.

“The woman who STOLE Lady Gaga’s dogs is suing the singer because she says Gaga owes her the 500K reward for returning the dogs. The AUDACITY,” a third wrote.

“She is gonna get paid + time in jail,” someone wrote.

Meanwhile, one fan wrote, “the upside is maybe we’ll get some court looks from gaga.”

Others simply posted memes and enjoyed the fiasco.

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