Lauren Scruggs and Jason Kennedy are Pregnant with Baby no. 2

Lauren Scruggs and Jason Kennedy are expecting their second child together after conceiving ‘naturally.’

The 31-year-old lifestyle and clean living blogger shared the happy news with her followers on Instagram and posted a sweet video clip revealing that she is pregnant with her second baby.

“this was a major surprise and the sweetest plot twist — i cannot wait to watch little ryver be a big brother,” she wrote.

The clip showed the couple’s still pictures and a video of them handing a positive pregnancy test to their 12-month-old son, Ryver, who grabbed it and started playing with it.

The 41-year-old entertainment journalist also shared a close-up picture of the pregnancy test and wrote ‘yes.’

The announcement comes almost a year after Lauren and Jason welcomed their first child, son Ryver on April 3, 2022- “following years of fertility struggles, an IVF journey and an extended home birth that had complications,” per Daily Mail.

“Kennedy in April of 2022 revealed that Scruggs had to have a vacuum extraction during delivery and suffered a fourth-degree vaginal tear in the process. Scruggs had planned on a natural birth at home, but she ended up in the hospital after 23 hours of labor.”

He posted a video of Lauren in labor at home and then in the hospital and then shared another update clip revealing that she has given birth to their baby, Ryver.

“My wife is incredible. She’s been laying low the past few weeks so she can heal. Our home birth didn’t go as planned,” he captioned the video clip. “After 23 hours we went to the hospital. Ryver took another 10 hours.”

“Lo had a 4th degree tear, and we had to do a vacuum birth,” Jason added. “Amazing doctor, midwives, and team. I’m watching her pump, hold, and comfort my son as I type this. I love these moments, I love this feeling and I love how you care for our boy. I love you.”

Reacting to their latest pregnancy announcement, friends and family have congratulated the lovely couple and sent them good wishes.

“This happens so often after IVF it’s crazy! Congratulations!!” Courtney Hill wrote.

“Love you all so much!!! So so so happy for your sweet beautiful family,” wrote Giuliana Rancic.

“Wow!!! From watching your journey from afar I can’t help but wonder if it happened all naturally,” added another.

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Sources: Instagram – Daily Mail

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