Learn More about Your Character by Looking At This Picture

Instinct and intuition are much understated aspects of character. There are simple ways to go about learning more about yourself that don’t necessarily involve complicated personality tests and complex analyses. This test is as simple as tests go. Just go ahead and take a look at this picture. Make sure not to dwell on it too long, and try to come up with an answer to this very simple question:

What image did you see first when you looked at this picture?

Alright! Done! Now take a look at the results to find out more about your character and personality.

Did you see

A Tree?

If in case you saw a tree, then it is easy to presume that you are an extremely observant person. Your level of attention-to-detail surpasses those of most of your peers. Your mind likes to keep a very keen eye on both the big picture and the little details that make up the entire image. Information and data can be quite difficult to be kept hidden from your watchful senses. You are also highly observant of the feelings of people who are around you at any given moment. You have this great ability to read a room and gauge its overall social and emotional climate. You understand how to read situations better than most other people. You can accurately anticipate peoples’ tendencies and responses to particular situations. You also possess the uncanny ability to maneuver a conversation in a way that satisfies your natural curiosities about other people. You are able to get just about anything out of just about anyone you meet, if you get to observe them for an ample amount of time. These characteristics and personality traits are most likely to bring you success in the fields of business or communications. You are guaranteed to excel in any areas that require substantial precision and awareness.

Two Hands?

If you immediately perceived an image of two hands, then you undoubtedly possess a high level of creativity and imagination, while at the same time, you depend on the sharpness of your mind to help you get through any situation. You are a very logical individual whom people can always rely on for providing sound advice. You rely on your logic and your aptitude for finding success despite whatever obstacles are cast before you. You have a healthy dose of intellectual depth and reason that others will always admire you for. You will always find yourself in compromising situations wherein other people will turn to you for a sound solution. You rarely get overly emotional or panicky when faced with a problem. You understand that only reason and rationality can help you achieve success. You are also fond of problem-solving situations. You find it delightful to be challenged intellectually. These traits will aid you should you ever choose a line of work as a scientist or an engineer.

An Explosion?

Similar to those who initially saw two hands within the picture, you also possess incredibly high levels of imagination, however, you differ in terms of logic and rationality. Not to say that you are stupid, of course. But you rely more on your artistic side and creativity as opposed to pure unemotional logic when faced with whatever situation. You are most likely very talented at one or at a few different things, and always find a way to innovate your talents that bring delight to other people. You have limitless amounts of creative energy that constantly need proper outlets of expression. With a personality and character traits like these, you are most likely to find success and happiness in fields like marketing, advertising, arts, music, and design. Your mind is just bursting at the seams with original ideas and you can’t wait to share them with the world.

Absolutely Nothing?

If you have failed to find anything meaningful or concrete in the image above, then that is a sign of an extremely cluttered mind that is in dire need of a reset. You should best take a break and clear your mind from any unhealthy thoughts. You might not be sure of any current directions you are taking with your projects, your job, or your life as a whole. You might currently be overworked and burned out. Try taking a vacation or engaging in leisurely activities to help steer your mind towards healthier thoughts.

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Concept and Source: BrightSide
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