Letter to a young girl – “He didn’t, but someone else will”

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I know your heart aches at the moment and I know your eyes are swollen, your lashes damp with the tears that are trying to dry off of your skin.В Your whole body can feel the chilly air wrapping you in it, even though you are warm, even though it is hot outside. You feel that chilly air, that air that reminds you of being alone. Of not having his warm arms around you.

You just lie there in the oddest places of your room, maybe next to the dresser, maybe on the floor because you just don’t want to move. You feel like for a moment you just don’t want to do anything that is voluntary. Staring at a point, a point in the void, replaying all the memories, all the compromises you made and all those things you let them do to you.

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Eventually you think, what was the whole point of doing all that and still ending up here? On the floor with these stream like marks under your eyes.В There is a point and you will soon understand it when you do find someone who will value you.

Sometimes we have to walk over thorny pathways, fall over hurdles, find ourselves lost in the darkness, only so we can appreciate the smooth road when we get there. IВ know, I know, it is easier said than done but you have got to pull yourself up and focus on the light at the end of the tunnel because that faith, that hope will keep you together. It will keep you from becoming a disbeliever of love, it will make you trust the person you love.

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That little ray of hope, if you believe in it, will show you its magic and one day bring you at a point where someone so amazing will cross your path that you will find it hard to believe, if you are dreaming or not.

As hard as it is for you to make yourself believe in this at the moment, trust me, when you do find that person who will never put you in this situation again, you will know what I mean.

This guy, who didn’t value a girl who is sitting on the cold hard ground at 4 a.m weeping over the fact that she couldn’t do enough to keep them in her life or make them love you the way you are, doesn’t deserve all this. He doesn’t deserve a second thought let alone all these tears.

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If anything, they have done you a favour by setting a bad example so you can truly see what love is like when it touches you.В Love is beyond your imagination and you need to be able to identify it when it gets to you or else you’ll make a huge mistake of letting them go like this guy did to you.

Love is like the first sip of hot chocolate on the cold eve of Christmas or that innocent happiness you feel when you see a baby smile. It is like that care that only a mother understands and it’s that feeling of protectiveness that your father feels for you.В It is the good of all the relationships coming together to make this partner of yours.

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So you don’t want to settle for someone like this person who broke you, he doesn’t deserve to be that one person.В So look at yourself in the mirror and look how pretty, strong and independent you are. Look how you are still standing on your own two feet even if you were falling apart.
Look at yourself and tell yourself:

YOU DESERVE BETTER THAN SWOLLEN EYES AND ACHY BONES!В You deserve love, and this is just a mysterious way of fate to make space in your life for someone so much better.

В  Love,

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