Life Is Too Short To Waste Your Time On People Who Don’t Care About You

I am all too familiar with the narrative of two scared and insecure people who get into a relationship with one another. I have been exposed to so many marriages that look perfect on the outside and yet they still end up falling apart at the seams. I’ve already seen people fall in love and fall out of love with one another within a single lifetime.

I have also heard about so many people who settle for being in relationships that don’t make them happy just because they’re too scared of being alone. I know of so many human beings who force themselves to stay in relationships that make them feel miserable just because they think it’s the best option that they have.

I know of so many people who are so tired of being single that they would willingly latch on to the next guy or girl who shows them the least bit of attention. And I find it sad. Whenever I see these people, I just can’t help but think to myself, “Why on earth would you ever put yourself in a position like that?”

But who am I to judge, right? I’m only just another human being after all. I’m not perfect. I’m still trying to make my way through this world. However, I like to think that when it comes to this issue, I make some damn good sense. I firmly believe that being in a relationship should never be the ultimate priority in life.

I know deep down in my heart that I don’t need to be in a relationship for me to be happy and content with how I’m living. I think that not everyone has to have marriage on their mind just so they can have secure futures. We should never let our fears get the best of us.

We should never allow our desperation to direct our actions. We can’t let any of our insecurities lead us to make decisions that are bad for us in the long run. We can’t just be so accepting of whatever comes our way. We can’t afford to be compromising way too much to the point that life becomes unbearable. We can’t be so lenient to the point that we fail to find joy and happiness in our own lives.

You have to know that being alone is far from being scary. You have to know that being alone doesn’t mean that you are unlovable. Being alone doesn’t mean that you are sick in the mind and that’s why no one seems to want to be around you. You should never have to equate being alone to being lonely and depressed. You should always be able to find comfort in your own solitude.

Being alone is not a curse that you have to whine about every single day of your life. You should never be afraid of being alone just because you think society is going to judge you for it. If you embrace your solitude, then society is going to look at you and singlehood in a new light. You can be a beacon of hope for all the single people in your life. You shouldn’t let the insecurities that other people have in their own lives bring you down.

You should be proud of the life you live. You have to know that your life is beautiful regardless if you are in a romantic relationship or not. Your relationship status does not define your life. You are more than the mere sum of your parts. And you have to know that.

At the end of the day, you only have so much time to make the most of in this world. You are not invincible. You are not omnipotent. You don’t have the power to turn back time. Whatever time you use and lose, is time that you can’t get back. That’s why it’s important for you to never waste your time on the people who aren’t deserving of it. Time is a finite resource.

It’s not something that you can buy in a store. It’s not something that you can bargain for. Once you let it go, you lose it forever. That’s why you just have to stop wasting your time on people who aren’t deserving of it. Put more time and energy into yourself. Love yourself more.

Build your own life the best way you can. And when the time is right, give that love, life, and energy to the person who is actually deserving of it. At the end of the day, you should learn to love yourself first before you can entice other people to fall in love with you as well.

  1. I completely understand this…. I’m still with the person who I love but, He just Tolerates me not loves me… it’s clear and yet I’m wasting more of my life.. I thought he would always love me or maybe, love me again but, now I don’t think he will! I am completely heartbroken! I’m so glad you found happiness!!


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