Top 10 Rules For Couples In Long-Distance Relationships

It’s true when they say that relationships are always going to be difficult. But you know what’s more difficult than being in a relationship? It’s being in a long-distance relationship. Sure, there are so many tools that you can make use of to bridge the gap between you and your partner. Technology as afforded you the opportunity to stay in touch with your partner all the time even though you’re far apart from one another. That’s a luxury that you have these days which give you an advantage over those who have had to endure long-distance relationships in the past.

But ultimately, nothing is going to be able to replicate the sensation and feelings of being within the immediate proximity of the person you love. There’s just something about physical closeness with your loved one that is so endearing and heart-warming; and that’s something that no piece of technology could ever replace. Yes, long-distance relationships are hard. But they’re not impossible. Just because the odds are stacked against you doesn’t mean that you’re sure to fail. In fact, if you really love one another and you’re really committed to making things work in your relationship, then this is going to be the perfect article for you.

Just make sure that you and your partner follow these simple rules and you will be giving yourselves the best shot at actually making your relationship work. Granted, it’s not going to be easy. But why make it harder on yourselves when you can just follow some good advice instead, right?

Rule #1: Make time to really see each other whenever you can.

If you happen to get ANY kind of chance to see each other, then you should really make the most of it. You shouldn’t be taking these scarce opportunities for granted. You should always try to be close to one another if you get the chance to do so.

Rule #2: Take the initiative to actually get in touch with each other.

Don’t be coy about it. Don’t play any games. Be mature enough to take the initiative to get in touch with your partner. Stop waiting for the other to send the first text. Don’t be waiting idly for your partner to pick up the phone and call you. When you want to talk, take the initiative yourself.

Rule #3: Make use of whatever tools you can to stay in touch.

Make use of whatever tools that you can to really stay in touch with your partner. This means computers, cellphones, letters, telegrams, whatever. There is no shortage of options at your disposal. You can get creative and mix things up every now and then.

Rule #4: Update one another about everything going on in your lives.

Whether it be a small little victory that you achieved for yourself in the gym or a huge promotion that you just got at the office, your partner should know about it. It’s going to make your partner feel included in your life; that they’re not merely spectating from afar.

Rule #5: Develop a routine that you can really stick to as a couple.

Have a solid routine that the both of you can really follow as a couple. It would be nice if the both of you could schedule specific time slots within the week for you both to really just talk with one another and catch up.

Rule #6: Don’t put yourself in a position wherein your partner will have to worry about you.

Sometimes, it’s just best to avoid any unnecessary drama. If you’re being invited out to a party and you know your ex is going to be there; then just don’t go if you know it would make your partner uncomfortable. Do it out of respect for your partner’s peace of mind.

Rule #7: Have a plan for the future that you can both work towards.

It’s always nice to remind yourselves of what you’re working towards. You both need to have similar goals and visions. Otherwise, it’s going to be as if you’re just wandering about aimlessly and without a purpose as a couple.

Rule #8: Don’t lie to each other about anything.

Don’t breach or betray your partner in any way, shape or form – and that includes lying. It can be so easy to lie when you’re so far apart from one another; but you’re going to have to resist that temptation if you really want your relationship to work. Honesty is always the best policy.

Rule #9: Don’t put your individual lives on hold for your relationship.

Still have a life of your own that you can be proud of. Yes, it’s going to take a lot for this relationship to work; but that doesn’t mean that you have to be giving up the rest of your life for it

Rule #10. Trust one another. All healthy relationships are built on trust.

Always trust each other. It doesn’t get as simple as that.

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