Love Means Taking A Chance

Love means taking a chance every once in a while.

Love means taking a chance. Love means you always have to be willing to open the door even though you’re not sure about what you’re going to find on the other side. Love is hyperventilation. Love means that you’re going to have to learn to get comfortable with being uncomfortable because love is going to require to step outside of your comfort zone a lot. Love means being totally unsure about what tomorrow will bring, but still maintain the trust and belief in yourself and in your feelings. Love means being totally confident about the chances that you are going to take even when the stakes are so high. Love means you willingly letting yourself fall even though you’re not sure that someone’s going to catch you. 

Love means you have to be able to roll the dice. Love is always going to be a great adventure, but you’re never going to know at what pace you will be running with. Love is going to give you a lot of challenges but you are going to be solid in your belief that you have the strength that you need to pull you through. Love is trying to establish a connection with another person even though you aren’t guaranteed any success. Love is trying to build on an emotional bond that you have with your partner and working past any flaws or imperfections that the two of you may have. Love is being able to love entirely without restrictions, reservations, or doubt. Love is pure and in its most beautiful sense, untainted. Love is maintaining the belief that out of something so flawed and damaged, something beautiful can still thrive. Love is being able to believe that everything is going to turn out alright even when all the signs point to disaster.

Love means just shutting your eyes and still trusting that the person you love is still going to be there when you open them again. Love is being able to have all of your fears, insecurities, and apprehensions replaced with pure faith. Love means you trusting that you have a person to go home to at the end of a very long day; a person who is willing to comfort you and hug you when you are down; a person who is willing to celebrate life’s greatest moments and achievements with you; a person who is willing to put you first even when you don’t think you deserve it. Love means asking so many questions about your relationship even though you aren’t sure that you are going to be getting any answers in return. Love means being able to take a shot in the dark and hoping that you still hit the bulls-eye. Love means letting your life be ruled by courage and bravery even though some people are going to mistake you for being foolish. 

Love means being able to take someone in your arms without the fear of being pushed away. Love means giving your heart to another person with the hopes that they are never going to drop or crush it. Love means going on that great adventure even if it means that you’re going to get lost and scared a couple of times because you know that this is an adventure worth being scared for. Love means being willing to open yourself up to all he pain, anguish, and heartbreak in the world just so you have a chance at experiencing something that’s real. Love means just letting yourself fall even though you don’t have all the proper instructions or safety guidelines yet. 

Love means taking a chance every once in a while. Love means being able to acknowledge that even though you can earn love, it can be taken away just as easily. Love means that you aren’t being promised anything, but you still choose to push all of your chips into the center of the table. Love means being dealt with a bad hand sometimes, but you still choose to make the call. Love means calling someone over the phone even though there’s a chance they might never pick up. Love means writing someone the longest and most honest love letter even though they might never respond. Love means staring deep into another person’s eyes even though they try their best to block you out at times. Love means having the courage to just quiet your boisterous mind and sooth your restless heart by taking a leap of faith.

Love isn’t something that is promised to anyone. But everyone knows of its power. Everyone knows of its beauty. And so even though love can be dangerous, messy, painful, and downright frustrating at times, people are still willing to take their chances. Because at the end of it all, the beauty of love is always going to be worth a shot. 

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