Which one would you choose, love or lust?

Love or Lust? To know the difference is really important because both emotions offer same feelings and it’s hard to differentiate between the two, especially in the early stages of your relationship. Here we have some clues for you that will help you in the process of labeling your emotion as love or lust.

  1. Dressing:

Being well dressed is cool and makes you look chic and classy, but hey? Are you spending too much time on your dressing? Is it dress to impress sort of situation? If yes! Think again and have another look at your emotion. The point is, when its love, you barely pay attention to dressing and styling. For you it’s all about being comfortable and accepting your significant other for who he really is, and vice versa. The comfort comes with comfortable dressing. It depends on you, if you choose denim or a pajama. At the end of the day, if you are choosing comfort it’s a sign of love.

2. Pointing out their mistakes:

This point is a great clue for identifying your emotion. When you are in love, you tend to point out your love interest’s mistakes. It’s not because you want to dominate them, it’s simply because you want them to get rid of things that are a hindrance in their way to be a better person.В  You want them to improve and grow as a person. Similarly, when its lust, you just go with the flow, you don’t care what they are doing; it’s your lust that you want to deal with. You don’t want to point out their mistakes or help them groom morally. В Now that’s a big indication.

3. Constant aim to please:

In love you keep it real. You are honest about yourself and things associated to you. Just like you don’t dress to impress, you don’t speak to impress too. Deep down you know your significant other will always admire your honesty. When its lust you say what the next person wants to listen. You won’t tell her that you don’t like this dress on her, or her makeup is a mess today. When in love, you’ll tell her what looks good on her, what doesn’t go well with her personality.В  It doesn’t involve lies or buttering. It’s genuine and real. So yes! Constant aim to please the next person is a big sign of lust.

When its lust the next person is perfect and in fact a Greek god or goddess for you. He or she has no imperfections or nothing that devalues them.

But in the case of love, your person is perfectly imperfect. And it doesn’t bother you, after all we are all humans and we are supposed to be imperfect.В  Trust us! Being pretentious and lying about how cool and perfect the next person, is annoying and exhausting. Perfection is just an illusion.В  And nobody can ever be perfect, no matter what.В В – Continue reading on the next page

4. You know them:

This one is simple. When its lust, the bond is very superficial and has no depth. You really don’t know them. When you are in love, you know your significant other really well. You know red is her favorite color, she is allergic to peanuts,В  she hates math, and has watched her favorite movie over a hundred times. You’ll know she doesn’t like to bottle up things and discusses everything right away. You would everything and every detail about that person. From their shoe size to В В their wild fantasies, literally everything.

5. Comfort Level:

Comfort level is really important in your every relationship. When its love you share a great comfort love with your person. You do not hesitate to talk about your problems, fears and concern. You trust them and want to tell them everything about yourself. That’s how the love grows further and the bond you share gets strengthened. In case of lust, you will just fake it, you won’t share anything with them. You will always wonder if you can trust this person or if he will understand you with judging you? The confusion indicates lust and the confidence that the next person is trust worthy indicates the presence of love.

6. Future

When you are in lust, nothing is certain or known in long-term. Yes! We are denying the fact that you enjoy their company, jokes, dates and all that stuff, but what after that?В  Will this go on and on? There is no certainty. You won’t be sure about having this person in your future.В  When you think of your future, you don’t imagine them in it. They are in the current moment but nowhere to be seen in long-term. In the case of love, you can’t imagine a life without them; future that doesn’t include your significant other is nothing but a nightmare for you.

You enjoy the thought of future that pictures your person by your side, the travelling, the make out sessions, the babies, the fights over insignificant things, the hang outs and literally everything.В  So yes! Its love, when you want that person to be there in your future.

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