Love Yourself So You Don’t Have To Rely On Someone Else To Do It For You

You should still be able to love yourself because you are always deserving of whatever love you have to give yourself.

There is just no stressing the importance of being able to love yourself even when it’s incredibly difficult to do so. No matter how harsh life may be to you, no matter how tough it is for you, you still have to be able to devote some love for yourself. You are always fully capable of loving yourself; you just have to be able to find the motivation to do so. Even as you’re staring at your reflection, you should be able to feel some warmth in your heart for the figure staring back at you. You should always be able to love yourself even when you’re experiencing your lowest of lows. You should still be able to love yourself even if you’re in the middle of the hardest of times. You don’t always have to be all glammed up and chiseled in order for you to love yourself. You don’t always have to be doing well in life in order for you to spare a heart for yourself. 

You should still be able to love yourself because you are always deserving of whatever love you have to give yourself. Whatever love that you have reserved for other people should also be reserved for yourself. You can’t expect anyone else to love you unless you actually learn to love yourself. You have to understand just how important that fact is.

You shouldn’t have to feel compelled to change your personality or your character. You shouldn’t have to be forced into being a person that you’re not comfortable with being. You should always be afforded the right to just be yourself because that is who you really are. You have to accept who you are; you have to learn to love the essence of your being. You are a valuable piece in this volatile world. You have some sense of worth that is always worth loving; that is always worth adoring. Everyone in this world is deserving of love, especially the love one has for his or her self. You have a place in the universe that is never worth giving up. You shouldn’t have to suppress your true self in order to be more likable or more lovable. You can’t please everyone, but what’s always important is that you are constantly pleasing yourself. You should only be living up to your own standards. You should be your harshest judge and your most ardent supporter. 

You should know that love is one of the very rare things on this earth that have limitless powers. Your love has no boundaries. Your love has no restrictions. There are no limitations or constraints to just how much you choose to love. If you want to love yourself without reservations, you reserve the right to do so. It’s okay for you to appreciate your strengths and your redeeming qualities. It’s okay for you to overlook your flaws and your shortcomings. You should always be able to love the entirety of yourself. You accept all of your being; both the good parts and the bad. You know that even the bad parts of your character are worth loving because they help make up who you are as a person. You shouldn’t be feeling guilty about loving yourself at all. In fact, it’s necessary for you to love yourself. 

For those who are a little more humble than others, loving one’s self can be very difficult. Sometimes, the days just seem to so dark and the flaws seem to overshadow all the good parts. Everyone goes through those kinds of days. Everyone has low points. It’s during these vulnerable times wherein it gets very challenging for people to love themselves. But what you also have to realize is that it’s during the hardest of times wherein you have to love yourself a hundredfold. You have to find that strength within you to actually persevere in your love for yourself. You have to let your self-love motivate you to pick yourself up and dust off the cobwebs. You have to let the love of yourself drive you forward in life towards better days. Yes, you may be uncomfortable with who you are and where you’re situated at the moment, but that doesn’t mean you should just give up on yourself. 

When you make a conscious choice to just love yourself, then you are also demanding the respect that is due to you from yourself and from others. You don’t have to seek love from extrinsic sources. Love can come intrinsically. It can come from within you. It’s all a matter of tapping into that fire and harnessing that energy for yourself. You should always learn how to love yourself so you don’t have to depend on external devices to make you feel better about your existence. You won’t have to succumb to the toxicity of bad relationships or addictions to help you get by if you just choose to love yourself. 

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