10 Things You Need To Know About Loving A Taurus

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Your Taurus lover may seem to be a very stubborn, unyielding kind of fellow but there are points everybody can be poked at. Here are ten points about what a Taurus needs, expects and loves to have in a relationship to help you understand them better, and if you are a Taurus yourself, have the pleasure of reading about yourself!

  1. Non-demonstrative Love:

Taurean love is non-demonstrative. They won’t say ˜I love you’ again and again and won’t make promises out in the open. Their love is quiet but evident. They trust actions more than words, so they use physical tactics to say ˜I love you’ again and again.

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Touching, holding, hugging and being there is their kind of thing. Do not tell thing to be verbally expressive as they might find it difficult and this demand may ruin the relationship for them.

  1. Food Lovers:

Like every other human being, a Taurus loves and craves affection but is not too open about it. But we do know this: the way to a Taurus’s heart is through his or her stomach. If the meal is delicious enough to make them happy, they are yours.

Yes, Taurus men and women are food lovers. Emotionally, they build up walls like many other signs and take time to let their emotions flow, but once you are in, you would not like to leave because they are the sweetest people.

  1. Good in Bed:

Taurus is capable of great loyalty and commitment more than any other sign. They are also very sexual beings so you might find it difficult to detect their committed side but it is there, and it is very assuring to have that in a relationship.

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Their physical side can also be a bit difficult to bring out since they are not too open about that either. But once you have it out, get ready for some great bedroom experiences! – 

  1. Hard to Convince:

It can be tricky to convince a Taurus about something if they already have their views against it. They are stubborn and never too ready to reason with what they already believe in. Their beliefs are hard to change and their opinions hard to mould.

And for their love of peace and quiet, they don’t like to argue therefore, to convince them, you need to do a lot more than just yell and shout. You need to have their attention so that they pay heed to your reasons. It can be tricky but it is possible.

  1. Spiritually Grounded:

They are the most spiritually grounded people since their sign is closely connected with Earth. They usually find it difficult to have strong religious beliefs or rigid ideologies. They live more in the present and are all for the love of nature.

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Past and history are not their interests and they are all about contributing to what is happening now. If you wish to get along with them, do the same; live in the present.

  1. No Taste for Pranks and Deception:

You may not find your Taurus partner too happy when surprised. They are not fond of those kinds of things. Security and comfort are the two things they like the most and anything that smells of deceit and manipulation is put off by them.

Playing hardВ to get in front of them can be dangerous too. If they are trying, don’t play around them. In their opinion, if it is hard to get, it is not worth having. Remember, Taurus doesn’t like games.

  1. Sensual Lovers:

This is the area where Taurus is easy to play; they are easily turned-on and are very sensual. Silk, chocolates, soft music and dim lights are the kinds of things that enough to get a Taurus active. Mind you, they are not in favor of sexual experimentation like Aries and it may even anger them. Taurus is all about sensuality, romance, nature and everything calm and soothing so it is an easy job to get them physically interested.

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  1. No Appreciation for Disruption:

Taurus people do not like their routine disturbed and do not appreciate change, therefore they are not compatible with signs like Gemini and Aquarius who are require change in their schedules every now and then.

Taurus is more compatible with other water and earth signs. Fire signs are also preferred by them when it comes to spending more time together. It is not too difficult to understand a Taurus, you just need the right guide and the right sign.

  1. All About Peace:

Your Taurus lover loves serenity, romance and everything sensual. He or she is also into stable relationships where none of the two are wasting or passing their time. They are committed. They may not sound like the most exciting kind of people to get involved with but being with them has its own pleasure.

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A good home with a nice view out the window, a happy family and stability in everything is craved by a Taurus, which is why they are considered ˜marriage material’.

  1. Fond of Friends and Family:

Taurus persons are family -loving. They put their family before anything else and are always supportive. Friends get the same treatment from a Taurus since sincerity is a strong trait is a Taurus’s personality. Commitment in friendship, family affairs and relationships is their best quality which is rare and should be valued.

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