Lucy Torres Reveals She Prays Constantly For Juliana, Her Daughter

Lucia Torres-Gomez felt “wistful” when she realized Juliana was turning 18 on September 8.

“It’s wonderful to see how she has grown up,” she told (Philippine Entertainment Portal) on the first day of Bench Fashion Week Holiday 2018.

“I also feel a little wistful because I still remember the day I brought her home in her yellow blanket and her yellow bonnet.”

The only thing Lucy wants is for her unica hija with Richard Gomez to enjoy this special day.

“It’s a celebration of the 18 years, and now she’s all grown up. We want her party to just be a reflection of her, really. I really let her have a free hand. I did not impose any musts. She said she didn’t want a traditional debut where people had to be in gowns. She wants lang daw to dance and for people to have fun.”

Lucy said that, as Juliana approaches 18, her prayers have been for Juliana to find fulfillment and happiness.

Lucy elaborated, “I say nga, in a world where you can dream of this or that for your daughter, I say that I only want her to be the person that God designed her to be.

“Whatever that it is, because that’s the only way that she can be truly happy—if she fulfills her purpose.

“Richard and I are here to support her, whether she wants to do something traditional like do business or to be more involved in the arts.

“I just want her to be happy and fulfilled, and to find a job that doesn’t feel like a job.

“She has to really be passionate about it the way her dad is passionate about everything he has ever done.”

Juliana has also been given the freedom to choose her own path to happiness.

The Congresswoman continued, “I think happiness is very important, e.

“We put too much premium on getting ahead or being labeled as the best according to world standards…

“I want her to have that choice because so many times, people can’t pursue their passions because they have to think of economics first…

“If she’s able to combine both [passion and practicality], then all the better.

“I feel that you have to be fulfilled and happy as a person, and everything will just follow.”

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