Madonna, 64, had been deeply affected by ‘Harsh Criticism’ of her Changing Face and Wants to ‘Look more like her Old Self’

Madonna is determined to look more like her ‘old self.’

The 64-year-old music icon “has vowed to return to a more natural look after coming under fierce criticism over her changing appearance.” Per Daily Mail.

Earlier this year, the Material Girl singer faced heavy criticism from her fans after changing her looks, particularly her face, through plastic surgeries.

Previously, it was reported that Madonna was going through a ‘crisis of confidence’ following her breakup with her much younger boyfriend, Andrew Darnell, and ageist comments about her ‘unrecognizable look’ at the Grammys in February 2023.

Apart from her split from Darnell, Madonna’s self-confidence is said to have been shaken due to her fans’ ageist and misogynistic remarks after her recent appearance at the Grammys.

On February 5, 2023, Madonna stunned fans with her unrecognizable looks at the 65th Annual Grammy Award Ceremony.

The Queen of Pop took the stage as a presenter to introduce Sam Smith and Kim Petras for their “Unholy” appearance.

However, the audience was stunned to see Madonna’s stylish, youthful looks and flawless skin – she wore a fitted, tailored black jacket with a matching black skirt.

“The True Blue hitmaker surprised the crowd with her jaw-dropping wrinkle-free look while introducing Sam Smith and Kim Petras as they prepared to sing their hit track, Unholy, which won the Grammy for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance during the ceremony,” Daily Mail wrote.

The seven times Grammy award winner shook fans with her smooth and sculpted cheeks and plumped lips.

Many people took to Twitter and posted comments about Madonna’s unrecognizable face and overall looks at the event.

According to Daily Mail, “And while Madonna was quick to slam the critical comments about her looks – while denying any plastic surgery rumors – behind the scenes, an insider says she was deeply ‘affected’ by the criticism and is taking steps to ensure that she returns to her more natural self before hitting the stage for her first concert on July 15.”

A source close to the Hung Up singer told Daily Mail that she is currently undergoing procedures to revert to her natural looks.

“Despite what people think, the criticism over her drastically different appearance does affect her. She sees and hears what people say about her and, for the tour, she wants to look more like herself again for her fans.”

The insider added that the mum-of-six is also planning to enlist her kids in her shows.

“She will be bringing them along on tour and will include them in the show.”

The source continued, “Madonna is really turning it out. She is in incredible shape and is going to kill it with this tour. It may be her last tour, so she wants to make it perfect. She is incredible shape and her body is sick.”

“This is her labor of love. Her perfectionism is driving everyone up the wall but she does not care. The crew is working their a** off because everyone wants to make her happy. She has no issues whatsoever with firing someone at the drop of a hat.”

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