Man Asks AITA For Kicking Out his Fiancée’s Pregnant Sister After She Abandoned his Cat on the Streets

A man kicked his fiancée’s pregnant sister out of his house after she left his cat on the streets because she didn’t like the pet.

Taking to Reddit’s AITA platform, u/AITA568865 explained how his cat, Billy, who is just like his family member was mistreated and then abandoned on the streets by his SIL.

“I M27 have a cat named Billy. He’s my best friend and is very funny and adorable. He always makes me laugh and comforts me when I need him. My fiancee F26 had her pregnant sister stay with us after her boyfriend kicked her out. This cost me to work more since I pay for everything. My fiancee is currently looking for a job but nothing was found,” OP wrote.

“The problem started when her sister started complaining about Billy. She’d yell at him to get out whenever he’s in the kitchen or the living room. She spray him with water whenever she wants him out and threw his food away. Once I saw it with my own eyes I asked her to respect billy as a resident of my home and stop hurting him. My fiancee said her sister never had a cat so she doesn’t know how to treat them which is nonesense since animals just want to be left alone but the fiancee’s sister seemed to be doing it deliberately.”

He continued, “Yesterday. I came home at 6pm and Billy wasn’t home. I went to look for him after my fiancee’s sister said he left in the morning. I finally saw my nighbor bringing him to me saying he saw my fiancee’s sister drop him off near an auto repair shop a bit far from here. I was livid. Billy was too scared he couldn’t even eat. I confronted her and she lied about not going anywhere and asked my fiancee to back her up but fiancee refused.”

“She then admitted it but kept excusing what she did by saying she was just worried for her baby since cats arent good to be around pregnant women. I blew up at her and told her to leave. My fiancee said that that’s her sister and her niece/nephew and I should be more graceful. I argued with her about what Billy felt aftee what her sister did but my fiancee called me unsupportive and was overreacting and no harm in taking billy to stay with a friend since her sister clearly is scared of him.”

Redditors backed the OP for doing what he did with the Sister-in-law as she had no right to mistreat his cat, given that she was tagging along with the couple in OP’s apartment.

“NTA. Ditch your fiance, too. You’re paying for her, her sister, and for both of them to mistreat your cat. Seems like the sister isn’t getting shit from your fiance about abusing your cat (cats can be around pregnant women, it’s just the kitty litter she needs to avoid, which if she was actually concerned about it, she’d know). You’re not their financial piggy bank and you get to have a pet,” one said.

“The cat is the only loyal one in this whole post. OP NTA. The “fianceé” can follow her sister since she’s so worried about her,” a second wrote.

“NTA. If anyone messed with my cat, I would hurt them. Posts like these make me INSANELY angry,” a third added.

“NTA Kick them both out. It’s really the only way to ensure Billy’s safety,” a fourth commented.

“NTA – Get her out of your house. That’s ridiculous, especially to do to someone helping you. Don’t let her use her pregnancy as a way to behave so terribly either,” someone wrote.

“NTA- Dump them both. Seriously. You,and especially your cat, were lucky this time. Next time the cat “leaves in the morning” he may never come back. If your girlfriend is so worried about her sister they can get a place together,” said someone else.

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  1. NTA! Nobody is AFRAID of a cat lol. Not one that is house trained and all. She may have taken my cat and hauled it away once and I would haul her stuff to the door and if my fiancée didn’t like it the doors plenty big enough for you both to go out it. Bye! NTA at all

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