Man Becomes a Father Again at the age of 83, Wishes to live long Enough to see his Son Graduate 

Image Credit: Dr. Alberto Cormillot on Instagram

Life is unpredictable, and you never know what it has in store for you. One moment you are sure about something, then life happens, and you remain bewildered at its uncertainty.

A doctor in Argentina has become a father of a newborn baby at the age of 83. You read it right!

At this age, people either attain the status of a grandfather or great grandfather. But in the case of Doctor Alberto Cormillot, he became a father.

The Argentinean doctor is a living legend in his country as he is spending his life serving humanity. He is a prominent public figure and has been famous for his services and contributions to the medical profession.

He is a renowned nutritionist, and with his several obesity treatment institutions, he has helped thousands of people with their eating disorders. His services to the nutrition industry have improved many lives.

He is also an educationist and often works to spread awareness about healthy eating habits through social media; he has 329K followers on his Instagram .

Although Doctor Alberto was famous for his contributions, people didn’t know anything about his personal life. However, this changed in 2019, when he announced his marriage to a beautiful woman – 48 years younger than him.

He married his colleague, Estefanía Pasquini, after dating her for seven years. The two met at Alberto’s clinic when Pasquini started working with him and soon fell in love.

In 2021, the couple welcomed their first child. A lot of people commented that the doctor is too old to become a father and if he would be able to live long enough to take care of his baby.

The couple didn’t pay attention to the negative comments and criticism and chose to stay positive. The doctor said,

 “Everything people have talked about this week; we already talked about three months ago. I didn’t ask myself the question (about age), but I’m asking it now since people have started to mention it.”

His wife Estefanía also shared a picture on her Instagram and wrote an emotional caption.

She said she loved her husband and wanted to have a child regardless of age. She shared that she had talked to her friends about this situation, and they said,

“Yes, it’s going to happen, you’re going to have a child, and tomorrow he won’t be there for logical reasons of life. And when he is no longer there, we will all be there to take you forward.”

The couple is happily raising their son, Emilio, together. And as his father is a highly-qualified nutritionist, they have decided that Emilio will not have any sugar or salt in his food for at least two years.

Dr. Cormillot already had two children from his first marriage; a daughter and a son. And now, his youngest son Emilio has been born after a long gap of fifty years. The doctor shared that he had experienced fatherhood twice before Emilio, yet it felt like he was a first-time parent.

“I don’t remember much of what the experience is anymore. Yesterday we went to look for strollers, so we did a course on strollers. These didn’t even exist back then; they used to be much more primitive.”

He further said that,

“Before, there were cloth diapers that were washed and changed, and today it is totally different.”

He also shared that his children have accepted his decisions and fully support him in every matter. The 83-year-old nutritionist said he wishes to live up to 105 years, at least to see Emilio graduating from college.


Dr. Alberto Cormillot on Instagram

Estefania Pasquini on Instagram

Featured Images via Dr. Alberto Cormillot on Instagram

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