Man Behind Viral ‘Ugly’ YouTube Video Discovers Love with Woman Who Left a Comment

A guy who shared on YouTube that he felt “not good-looking” a while back has now tied the knot with a woman who left a comment on his video.

Discovering love can be tricky, even with dating apps around. Forming genuine connections seems more challenging nowadays. Even before dating apps, folks found it hard to meet others, and that made some question their worth.

The story started back in 2018 when David, the individual behind the YouTube channel Never Give Up, shared a video with the title, “Being ugly: My experience.”

In a heartfelt video, the Swedish YouTuber, David, opened up about feeling lonely and not good enough. He said, “Every video I come across is with a really attractive or ‘normal’ person. They have no idea how it really is.”

Sharing his own tough times of being treated badly and feeling alone, he talked about the things he didn’t like about how he looked. The video, where he just wanted people to get him, became super popular and got more than 20 million views.

Yet, in the midst of all the attention, a comment from a user named Juli.Romina.M caught everyone’s eye and set the stage for an incredible journey. The comment said, “I actually think you’re kinda cute tbh. I mean it.”

Juli then got in touch with the YouTuber through Discord. This initial connection grew into a long-distance relationship, and she eventually flew to Sweden to be with her newfound love.

Just a year after connecting online, the couple said their vows. Juli confirmed this joyful development, revisiting the video to share the positive outcome of her first comment.

Looking back, she shared, “Shortly after the wedding, I remembered the first comment I ever made to him on his channel. Little did I know that the guy that popped up on my YouTube recommended, and I thought he was very cute, was going to be my husband.”

The ‘Never Give Up’ YouTube channel now proudly states in its bio: “I love my wonderful Juliana.”

This heartwarming story has certainly resonated with people globally, evident from the flood of positive comments on every video created by David and Juli together.

“Man, this is the wholesome things I like to see. Beyond proud of this guy. This is one of my favorite YouTube story arcs,” expressed one commenter, capturing the sentiments of many.

Another person shared, “I can’t believe the Being Ugly video was 5 years ago now! I’m so happy for you, man. I bet it’s crazy to watch that video and remember how you felt in your mind at that time in your life now.”

A third commenter added, “It’s amazing seeing how your vulnerability led to the life you lead now. Thank you for being transparent with us, and we’re all really happy for you!”

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