Man Breaks up With his Girlfriend After Chris Brown Gave her Lap Dance on Stage

A man ended his relationship with his girlfriend after Chris Brown gave her a lap dance on stage during his concert.

Earlier this month, a man named Dash posted on TikTok that he bought his girlfriend front-row tickets to see Chris Brown perform live at a concert.

The singer, 33, is currently doing an extensive world tour for his new album, Breezy.

During the concert, the Under the Influence singer called Dash’s girlfriend on stage to perform his usual on-stage bizarre stunts, where he seductively dances around the person he picks from the crowd.

However, the musician didn’t just dance around her; he also gave her an inappropriate lap dance while performing his song, Take You Down.

Watching this, Dash, who was documenting her girlfriend being up on the stage with the singer, didn’t feel amused and became uncomfortable – but to his surprise, his girlfriend didn’t share his feelings.

The girlfriend enjoyed the dance and moved her hands all over the singer.

Dash recorded the scene on his phone, and later shared it on TikTok and expressed his uncomfortable feelings about the situation and said he is not sure if he still wants to be with his girlfriend anymore.

“I want my £500 and my girlfriend back,” he captioned his first video on TikTok and tagged Chris Brown.

Dash’s video was viewed by more than 10 million people on TikTok.

Over 6,000 people commented, and the majority asked Dash to break up with his girlfriend for being unfaithful to him.

“BREAK UP WITH HER RN SHE KNOWS BETTER,” one person commented.

“Could not be me. Idc if he’s Chris brown it doesn’t make it okay. The ENERGY is unfaithful,” a second wrote.

“I would leave the concert and wouldn’t even tell her,” a third added.

“I can confirm with 10000p certainty I would not touch Chris Brown with a 10 ft pole, let alone while having a bf,” a fourth commented.

One commenter asked Dash to upload the full video of the scene, and he did. The second video also received over a million views and nearly 4,000 comments – all asking Dash to move on and find someone better, as his girlfriend didn’t seem loyal to him.

“break up bro. im so sorry for you it hurts even me. just break up. she looked like she wanted even more,” someone said.

“I would have broke up with her instantly,” agreed another.

Many people also asked Dash to talk to his girlfriend and see if she felt guilty about what she did.

But in a follow-up video, Dash revealed that when he confronted his girlfriend about the issue, she didn’t think there was anything wrong with what she did. So, he broke up with her.

“Just to update everyone regarding the Chris Brown concert, I’m no longer with my girlfriend but she said she doesn’t think what she did was wrong,” he wrote.

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Source: TikTok

  1. Absolutely wrong in all aspects! A real women would know her man wouldn’t want that and should know he would never do that to her as well! Time to move on to better things bro!

    1. Yeah dont think for even a second that if Chris Brown had offered to take her home she wouldnt have accepted!

    1. That’s disrespectful but you women are for the streets nowadays. Your just too stupid to understand still in the h*e mindset I guess

  2. Nah that wasn’t koo I wouldnt of put my hand all over Chris like that. That isn’t ok for another man to do that. Ur in a relationship she should know better cut her lose

  3. He did the right thing. He left her so she could be with someone who will love her completely and not be INSECURE nor jealous. Before anyone comes for me ask yourself, 1.what did he expect? 2. Why would you take her to his concert in the first place? 3. Did he want to get the dance instead? 4. Who takes someone to a concert then get mad when the participate? He wanted to break up and made this the reason. We need to man up and stop being so insecure and weak.

  4. It’s a performance not like she slept with him. Honestly she’s better off dating someone who isn’t so insecure

  5. Makes sense. Take gf to concert of artist she likes, gets FRONT ROW seats to she how much you can’t stand artist, get jealous gf is chosen and not you after all you bought tickets. Front row again for those not understanding. Knowing artists like crowd participation; that’s no reason gf should participate when chosen. This doesn’t scream insecure at all. This proves that men mean it when they say, “I can’t be with a female if Noone else wants her”. We have to do better as “men”, grow up. Cause he for sure wouldn’t do the same if RiRi was in her savage fenty and called him on stage to give him a lap dance. Hahaha grow up. Let that be my gf or wife. Not only am I going to record her once in a lifetime dance but I am going to try to turn that into going backstage, thanking him for choosing my girl out of every other female. What did he think would happen, what was the point of going? Just to hear the same songs he sings on the albums they most likely own? There is a difference between boys and men

  6. If she said there is nothing wrong with what she’s doing with the singer , trust me maybe it’s normal to her that maybe she cheats

  7. I really don’t get you westerners, is that’s how you enjoy life? enjoying a seductive dance while Infront of your boyfriend? You american women needs some re-education.

  8. Going to a concert does not mandatorily include your gf being chosen to participate in simulated sex with singer. She should have declined going on stage. Unless they are in an open relationship and free to have intimacy with others, then this is ok. Sounds to me lik they were supposedly in a monogamous relationship. Why anyone would want a known woman abuser and dope fiend twig of a man like CB touching them is beyond my understanding. I dont feel bf is insecure, he obviously has standards about what is appropriate for a bf/gf to engage in while in a relationship. For all those on here, berating, this boyfriend, calling him an insecure wimp and whatever else, you are wrong, just because you do not value your own worth, and partners, and most likely open your legs to anyone who shows some interest in you at any time is very pathetic, if anyone is insecure, it is people like you because you need to find value in yourselves through, letting any body shove their manhood in between your legs. It seems that certain categories of people sexualize everything sexes everything to them in the world and that is just so pathetic , that is just a sign of someone who is a loser and someone who has really nothing in life you know who you are

  9. Oh yes! We know who these category of people are @Jimmy moreno… they are primarily black females. Black females for most parthave horrible values when it comes to sex. Black men are mostly just as bad bro. They hold all their value in the false legend of the HUGE BLACK PENIS MYTH. OVERALL NO TRUTH TO THIS FAKE BELIEF. I have to agree with you, that it is very sad and pathetic for someone to place all of their self worth, and something as meaningless as a friggin penis, and then to find some superiority in themselves, based upon their belief that they possess, there’s a larger sized penis lol. So they are just better than other people because they were born by luck of the draw with some thing that they see as better than. They did nothing at all to acquire this so-called better thing. It just simply happened by chance, but they seem to feel superior because of that. How screwed up is that in a way of thinking? And then to place all of your value in somethings so stupid and not please value in intelligence or on your capacity to treat people well or be generous, etc. etc. this is what is important to these people. It’s disgusting to be honest.

  10. Y’all are really trippin. If you are that insecure, then you don’t belong in a relationship in the first place. A secure person would be cheering their partner on and flattered that he picked your woman to bring on stage. Have a little fun. Grow up.

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