Man Deducted $1 From His Fiancee’s Valentine’s Gift Everytime She Shouted at Him, Feels Bad Later

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This story is about a husband-to-be who found a clever way to deduct money from his fiancee’s Valentine’s Day gift – whenever she yelled at him; he took $1 from the gift’s money throughout the year. It started with $360 and ended up being $39 by Valentine’s day.

The Story

Isaac Ramirez is a TikToker with over 200k followers. He shares his journey with his wife-to-be – going shopping together, having dinners, basically enjoying each other’s company – the majority of his content has a good sense of humor involved.

He recently posted a video where he showed how he saved up a lot of his money by deducting $1 from his future wife’s Valentine’s Day gift whenever she yelled at him; it gained over 9 million views.

The video is captioned:

“Now all she’s getting is flowers and chocolates.”

Isaac wrote in the video:

“Last year I put $360 away for my fiance’s Valentine gift.”

“But I took away $1 every time she yelled at me.”

“Now her gift limit is $40 and I saved myself $320.”

In a comment on his video, he updated with a new limit:

“She did my laundry yesterday but she still yelled at me so now her total is at $39.50”

Later, He Feels Bad Because His Fiancee’s Gifts are Much Better

In a later video, he expressed feeling bad for getting his wife an Ariana Grande Perfume while she got him a MacBook & custom black plates for his PS5. He captioned the video:

“She yells a lot but she’s a good gift giver 🥺”

Isaac said in the video:

“I made a video about my fiance’s gift being $40 and now I feel bad.”

“She got me a MacBook Pro and some black plates for my PS5.”

“All I got her was some Ariana Grande perfume.”

Many people on his TikTok commented about them being in a toxic relationship, but the rest of his videos show two people who are pretty happy together. So, for now, we hope he’s trolling.

You can follow Isaac and his fiancee’s videos on TikTok here.

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Isaac Ramirez on TikTok

Images & Featured Image via Isaac Ramirez on TikTok

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  1. Hello! I like your idea of awareness, would also apply it through extension for the quality of the family and the other social relationships, why not, a very good tip, not only for yelling but also for all the other conflict generating “techniques”. Many thanks!

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