Man Files $75 Million Lawsuit Against 27 Women Over Negative Facebook Reviews Labeling Him ‘Clingy’

Nikko D’Ambrosio, 32, initiated a lawsuit against a group of 27 women and one man. He alleges that his name and photo were circulated without his permission in a private Facebook group named ‘Are We Dating The Same Guy’.

The group claims to be a space where women can protect each other from ‘toxic men’ through ‘Red Flag Awareness’. However, the lawsuit argues that there are subgroups allowing users to attack men’s characters.

The suit claims that the group might have defamed thousands of men, and they remain unaware of the attacks due to the private nature of the group and its heavily moderated members list.

D’Ambrosio personally alleges that he has faced defamation, doxxing, and invasion of privacy as group members shared stories about their experiences of dating him. One woman supposedly posted in the Facebook group, stating that D’Ambrosio had become ‘very cling very fast’.

She supposedly shared a picture of D’Ambrosio, claiming he displayed his wealth and ‘kept talking about how I don’t want to see his bad side, especially when he was on business calls’.

D’Ambrosio acknowledged in the legal document that he met the woman who made the post, noting they connected at a cultural event before consensual intimacy. Following that, he described going on a couple of ‘ordinary’ dates with the woman but clarified that he ‘never entered into an exclusive dating relationship’ with her.

Responding to the woman’s posts, other women commented, sharing that they had similar experiences with him.

“I went out with him a few times over a year ago – he told me what I wanted to hear until I split with him, and then he ghosted… I’d steer clear,” one woman said.

“We met organically in Chicago two and a half months ago. Very clingy very fast. Flaunted money very awkwardly and kept talking about how I don’t want to see his bad side, especially when he was on business calls,” said another.

Meanwhile, Nikko alleged that the women made untrue and damaging statements about him, as stated in the lawsuit:

“The defendants broadcast their outrageous, cruel, and malicious lies about the plaintiff with knowledge that the statements were false or with reckless disregard as whether or not they were true.”

The 32-year-old asserted that the posts led to ‘personal humiliation, mental anguish and suffering, emotional distress, stress, anxiety, lost earnings’.

“[Their] wrongful conduct is so outrageous in character and so extreme in degree that it is beyond all possible bounds of decency and is to be regarded as atrocious and utterly intolerable in a civilized community,” the legal filing stated.

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Source: Daily Mail

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