Man Floored by Security While on One Knee as He Proposed to his Girlfriend on the MLB Pitch

Marriage proposal gone spectacularly wrong!

Ricardo Juarez, a Dodger fan, took to the field to propose to his girlfriend in the stands but got tackled by security.

The video of the incident went viral on Twitter, showing Juarez taking to the field and getting one knew with a ring in his hand as he popped the question to his girlfriend, who was watching him from the stands.

“Proposal gone wrong at Dodger Stadium,” the caption read.

The clip showed that Juarez’s romantic gesture was quickly turned into a violent situation when a security guard came running and tackled Ricardo to the ground before handcuffing him.

“That dude got leveled!” someone chanted from the crowd as five security guards escorted the guy off the field.

But lucky for him, Ricardo’s proposal didn’t go wasted, and the girl said YES – “She said YES, la amo,” he wrote on his Instagram after the tackling video went viral on the internet.

The viral clip received over 10 million views on Twitter, along with thousands of comments and retweets.

“Dude should not be on the field. But, he also shouldn’t be blindsided like that. C’mon!” one wrote.

“What’s with the tackle? Yeah he shouldn’t be on the field, but I’m sure if they had asked asked him to leave he would have,” said another.

“In #FanVsDodgersSecurity, the proposer had clearly given himself up on the play. This is absolutely a foul for targeting,” a third penned.

“Look, this proposal is stupid, but holy overreaction from the security team. Don’t need to go full NFL linebacker on a kneeling duck who is clearly harmless in their intent,” another commented.

“I’m sorry for this man, but the player safety is important and why couldn’t he do this proposal from the stands? The Dodgers would’ve even helped him. Chile…. He should have called,” someone said.

“I’ll say it She should say no. If this is how your proposal goes, the marriage won’t be much better. It’ll likely only get worse. This is a man who makes poor judgment calls,” added another.

“Public proposals are extremely risky but I gotta say this is not a risk I had considered,” said someone else.

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  1. He should file charges and sue them. No need to tackle him. He wasnt running towards any player or on the actually field.

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