Man Forgot Wife after Roadside Toilet break and She was Forced to Walk 13 Miles to Find him

A man in Thailand abandoned his wife by accident on the road and drove 100 miles, assuming she was asleep in the back of the car.

According to a Thai News site, Matichon, Boontom Chaimoon and his wife Amnuay Chaimoon set off on a journey on Christmas Day to drive through the night to reach her hometown in the province of Maha Sarakham.

Around 3 am, Boonton, 55, pull over his Isuzu pickup on the side of the road with an urge to relieve himself.

The wife, Amnuay, 49, asked him why he didn’t stop at the petrol station they passed, but he didn’t answer.

After he was gone, Amnuay also decided to take a toilet break and hopped out of the car. She went to the nearby jungle to relieve herself.

After the toilet break, when 49-year-old Amnuay came back to sit in her car, she was shocked to see that it was gone, and she was standing alone in the middle of the road at 3 am.

The poor woman left her phone in the car, so she had no choice but to walk on foot. She walked almost 13 miles to reach the nearest district of Kabin Buri around 5 am.

Amnuay went to the local police station in Kabin Buri and asked them to help her.

The police asked her to give her husband’s phone number, which she didn’t remember.

So, the police called on her mobile around 20 times, but there was no response from Boontom.

Around 8 am, Boontom noticed her cell phone ringing in the back seat of the car, and he finally noticed her absence.

The police told Boontom that he accidentally forgot his wife 100 miles behind him.

According to Thai Daily News, as soon as Boontom realized his mistake, he drove back to collect his wife from Kabin Buri’s police station. When he saw Amnuay, he apologized to her and told the police that he thought she was sleeping in the back seat.

Thai media outlet reported that the 49-year-old wife hopped back in the car without saying a single word to him – oops, that doesn’t sound good for Boontom!

Before leaving, Amnuay told the local police that she had been married to Boontom for 27 years and have a son who is almost 26 years old.

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Sources: MatichonDaily News

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