Man insisting he’s Jay-Z’s ‘Secret’ illegitimate Son Demands Rapper takes Paternity Test

A 30-year-old man who claims he is the illegitimate son of the greatest rapper of all time, Jay-Z, has filed a Supreme Court motion to request a paternity test by the HOV to know the truth.

Rymir Satterthwaite, 30, has accused the Empire State of Mind singer of abusing the legal system for over a decade to avoid taking a DNA test.

The New Jersey native, who has been fighting to prove that the world-famous rapper is his biological father since he was 21 years old, has now taken the battle to Supreme Court and demanded that he wants the truth to be revealed and justice served.

Rymir has also claimed that he doesn’t want anything from the billionaire rapper who has been married to pop icon Beyoncé since 2008 except the truth about his identity.

However, Daily Mail reported that Jay-Z’s attorney has denied the claims in a letter to the publication and noted, “The allegations have been previously reviewed thoroughly by the courts and have been refuted. I am sure that will be the outcome of whatever filings Mr. Satterthwaite is may be currently considering.”

Meanwhile, Rymir has said that he won’t stop fighting until justice is served.

“This is not going to be over until justice is served. I just want to live my life and, when it is all said and done, I hope that Jay-Z would want to be a part of my life, if that is God’s will. I won’t stop fighting for this until I win. And I will win because the law is on our side.”

It is to be noted that this is not the first time Satterthwaite has taken legal action against the record producer – in 2016, he filed a lawsuit against the Young Forever musician and demanded a paternity test from him.

However, the case was dismissed by a New Jersey judge after citing a ‘lack of jurisdiction.’

According to Rymir, his mother, Wanda, slept with Shawn Corey Carter, famously known as Jay-Z, in the fall of 1992 while she was in an on-and-off relationship with her high school buddy.

He said at the time, Wanda was only 16 while Jay-Z was 22 years old.

“The fling was short-lived, and by the time he was born in July 1993, the alleged romance between his mother and Jay-Z had already come to an end,” he told Daily Mail.

When her mother, Wanda gave birth to Rymir, her high school beau, Robert was with her by her bedside and made sure he didn’t leave her alone in that tough time of her life. After resuming his relationship with his mom, he even accepted Rymir as his son.

As reported by Daily Mail, Rymir’s birth certificate says Robert is his biological father. But her mother always knew that was false, and HOV is his birth father.

In 2010, Satterthwaite took a paternity test which proved that Robert was not his biological father. It was the time when Jay-Z was already married to Beyoncé, and Wanda granted custody of her son to his godmother, Lillie, after her health began to decline.

Eventually, in 2012, Lillie contacted the rapper’s attorney, Lise Fisher, and demanded a DNA test but received no reply from the musician and his team.

Later that year, Rymir and his godmother launched a legal action against Jay-Z – his fight to know the truth about himself is still ongoing as the legal battle is still not over.

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Source: Daily Mail

  1. What is Jay-z worried about if he’s sure he’s not the father. Give Rymir some peace of mind. He’s lived with this for 30 years. It’s about time it was laid to rest.

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