Man left Billionaire Adoptive Parents to Return to his Multi-Millionaire Birth Parents

A Chinese man who was abducted as a child found his birth parents and returned to them at the age of 27.

Mei Zhiqiang was kidnapped as a child in 1997 when he was only two years old. He was playing outside his home in Yunnan when some people abducted him and later sold him to a billionaire family.

According to South China Morning Post, “After his parents, Mei Xianhua and Pan Chang’e, migrant workers from eastern China’s Jiangxi province, discovered that their son had disappeared, they began a desperate two-decade-long search for him.”

Mei’s parents described themselves as “two mad people” who were desperately looking for their son everywhere throughout the last 25 years.

The hopeless parents finally received good news last year when their friend, Du Xiaohua, who was also searching for his kidnapped son for the last 12 years, found a lead in Mei’s case.

“He helped them match the DNA of Mei Zhiqiang, who was living with his wealthy adoptive parents in southeastern China’s Fujian province.”

Since last year, 27-year-old Zhiqiang has become viral on social media as the “abducted young master” and “natural-born Fu” since he went from being a multi-millionaire to becoming a billionaire and back to his multi-millionaire parents.

He told the local news outlet that initially, he was adopted by another family who bought him from human traffickers. But they eventually abandoned him because they thought he was too ‘thin’ and ‘small.’

“Growing up with two elder sisters and a younger brother, all biological children of his adoptive parents, Mei said he always had a vague feeling that he was not their biological child,” Morning Post reported.

After finishing secondary education, Mei didn’t attend university and started working at a hospital owned by his adoptive parents, who believed education was unimportant.

His birth father told the media that after losing him at 2, the family could never celebrate the spring festival.

“While the whole family, including Mei’s elder sister and two younger brothers, celebrated his birthday every year in his absence, none of them could eat the cake because they were so heartbroken.”

In June 2022, when Mei learned about his birth parents, he couldn’t resist returning to them as deep down, he always longed for his biological parents’ love, and when he finally got a chance, he didn’t waste it.

He left his billionaire adoptive parents and returned to his biological multi-millionaire family.

Now he handles his family business – a hotel supplies company.

“No matter how rich they are, their love is different from ours – the love of birth parents,” his father told Jiupai News.

Meanwhile, Zhiqiang said that he does not feel strange around his real family because they all love him, and they suffered a lot when he was away from them.

He also said that he wants to live a simple and ordinary life in the future.

“I accepted the interview with Jiupai News only because I wanted to attract people’s attention to other families who are still looking for their abducted children,” said Mei.

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Source: South China Morning Post

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