Man Left Heartbroken As Fiancée Wants to Ban His Daughter From Their Wedding

A man has fumed at her fiancée after she said his 11-year-old daughter cannot attend their wedding because she wouldn’t ‘fit the part.’

Taking to Reddit’s AITA platform, user u/whoevenisthat5 explained that he divorced his ex-wife on good terms and now shares 50/50 custody of their 11-year-old daughter with her. He said after his divorce he started dating his now-fiancée and although she gets along really well with his daughter, she does not want her to become a part of at their wedding.

“I (45m) have a daughter (P) from a previous relationship. I divorced my ex wife on good terms and we share 50/50 custody of P. She is now 11. After I divorced my ex wife I met my now fiancé (S). S and my daughter got along very well . After 5 years in my relationship with S I proposed,” the man wrote.

“S was super excited and wanted to start planning right away. She looked at venues and started asking her friends to be her bridesmaids. She then told me she wanted her niece to be a flower girl. Which I had no problem with, but I said I also wanted P to be a flower girl. S looked at my funny and then said that she didn’t think that P would “fit the part” he added.

“I got angry and told S that my daughter would be in our wedding. S started to become upset and said that the girls in the wedding were up to her and P wouldn’t be one of them. I told S that if P wasn’t in the wedding then there might not be a wedding. I stormed out and took P to get ice cream.”

He said his daughter knows about their wedding and is super excited to attend and even wants to wear a dress according to his fiancée’s choice.

“P knows we are getting married and told me she thinks she will look pretty I whatever dress S decides she should wear this broke my heart and I decided to text S. I told her I would be staying at a friends to think this over. My MIL texted me saying I and over reacting and that my daughter doesn’t have to be in my wedding and I was and ass for saying that I would cancel.”

“So did I take it to far saying I will cancel? Am I overreacting or just being a good dad?” he asked.

People in the comment section went wild and slammed OP’s fiancée for being so selfish and heartless that she couldn’t allow his daughter to be a part of their wedding.

“This is a big red flag. If she doesn’t want to include her step daughter in her wedding then don’t expect she will include your daughter in her life..” one wrote.

“DANGER DANGER DANGER,” another said.

“Cancel the whole wedding and re-evaluate your relationship. Your daughter is part of your life. If your ‘fiancée’ doesn’t accept it, she can’t be your fiancée or wife,” a third wrote.

In an update on his original post, OP informed the Redditors that he called off his wedding because his fiancée did not only want to banish his daughter from their wedding but she also wanted him to give up on her custody and become a ‘visit-only’ dad to her.

“She said, I was hoping that after the wedding you could become a holiday visit only dad, I didn’t want her in the wedding so she wouldn’t be in the photos around the house since she wasn’t going to be around much. I kept my cool, calmly took her hand, and pulled my engagement ring off,” he wrote.

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