Man Praised For Telling Fellow Train Passenger to Move from Seat He Paid for

A man has been praised online after telling a fellow train passenger to move from the seat he paid for.

In a now-viral TikTok clip, a man appeared to ask a woman to move from the seat he reserved in advance.

The man recorded the dialogue between him and the woman sitting on his seat, which was later shared on TikTok.

In the clip that nearly 9 million people have so far viewed, user @mr_boris_becker, could be heard telling a woman that she was sitting in his seat.

“My place is 103,” he told the woman.

When she looked around to find an empty seat on a fully loaded train, the man said, “It’s gonna be difficult. My place is 103 and I need my place. I’m so sorry.”

As the woman awkwardly stood up from his seat, another woman sitting in a nearby row intervened and asked the TikTok user to find another place to sit.

“But it’s my place,” he reiterated politely.

“But, you know,” the other woman said, trying to convince him to let the woman sit in his seat.

“But, you know, calm down,” he told her.

The user’s video received over 420K likes on TikTok and more than 8,000 comments – all praising him for standing up for himself and not letting the fellow train passenger get away with her audacious behavior.

“You did the right thing. This happened to me once, and it is very annoying when people do not behave responsibly,” one wrote.

“This happens all too often, entitled people thinking rules don’t apply to them, then have the audacity to moan when confronted,” a second said.

“No way they were getting upset at you for asking the place that you bought,” a third commented.

“The audacity of her asking him to find another seat while she’s sitting in the seat that he paid for,” said another.

“The other girl should’ve minded her own business,” someone said.

“The other woman getting into is none of her business,” added another.

“How they gonna get mad for a place you paid for,” said someone else.

“When she said “but, you know…” that made my blood boil,” one angry TikToker wrote.

“Worse than her taking his place, is the other woman trying to justify why she should look for another seat,” remarked another.

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Source: TikTok

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