Man Refuses to Share Bed With His Wife Because She Won’t Shower Before Bed

A man said he doesn’t share a bed with his gynecologist wife if she doesn’t shower after returning from work.

Taking to Reddit’s AITA platform, u/abovetherestaurant, a man, 33, explained why he insists on her showering after work before bed.

“My (33M) wife (32F) is a gynecologist and works at a hospital. She recently mentioned that she is exposed to a lot of bodily fluids during her workday. While I’m proud of her for doing such an important job, I’m uncomfortable with the idea of sleeping in the same bed as her without her showering first,” he said.

“I’ve asked her to take a shower before coming to bed, but she thinks it’s unnecessary and feels like I’m being unreasonable. She argues that she wears gloves and takes precautions to avoid any contamination, and that her scrubs are changed regularly.”

“However, I still feel uneasy about the potential exposure to bodily fluids, and I don’t think it’s an unreasonable request for her to take a quick shower before bed. Since my wife doesn’t want to shower before bed, I have been sleeping on the couch in the living room instead.”

OP said his wife thinks he is overreacting and being ridiculous by sleeping on the couch, but he just doesn’t want to compromise his health and comfort.

“My wife thinks I’m overreacting and being ridiculous by sleeping on the couch, but I don’t want to compromise my comfort and health. Am I the asshole for choosing to sleep on the couch when my wife comes home from work without showering?”

The post received 3.3K upvotes on Reddit and more than 900 comments. Most fellow Redditors in the comment section agreed with the OP and said he was right.

“NTA. My mother was a L&D nurse for almost 30 years and in hemodialysis for over 10……..the FIRST thing she did was take a shower when she got home. EVERY DAY SHE WORKED. This is with all the precautions of gloves, masks, Haz-mat suits, shoe booties, etc,” one user commented. “There is absolutely nothing wrong with a quick shower after coming home. And nothing wrong with staying away from someone until they do. You were free to ask and she was free to say no…….while accepting the consequences of refusing. You sleep on a lumpy couch and she sleeps alone.”

“I spent a dozen years as a L &D nurse and the next dozen years working in the ER. I always took a shower first thing when I got home. I don’t care how many precautions I took at work. I just felt germy!!!!

Hospitals are gross places!!! NTA” a second said.

“Yeah, NTA just from my own birth experience. I hemorrhaged blood and it got all over the ceiling, far wall, and certainly sprayed all over my dr and the two nurses standing closest to her. My husband describes it as “a scene like something out of a bad B-rated horror movie.” I absolutely hope all of them went and showered. I didn’t have any diseases, but the thought of my blood and amniotic fluid all over people like that and them just sleeping in it is really, really gross,” added another.

“NTA, have multiple physicians in the family and they all shower at work before even leaving the hospital after rounds since they don’t want their cars getting dirty.”

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