Man Sacrificed Everything to Care for His Wife Who Has Been in a Vegetative State for Years

We all yearn for a love that withstands life’s challenges, and Bruna de Sousa’s story exemplifies such an enduring bond. Despite facing adversity that left her in a vegetative state, her husband, David César, has stood by her side with unwavering support. This remarkable tale, capturing hearts across social media, narrates David’s dedication to caring for Bruna, even at the cost of losing his job.

In sharing their journey online, he seeks assistance for the ongoing challenges, demonstrating the enduring strength of his love for Bruna. In 2018, David César and Bruna de Sousa’s ordinary day turned tragic as Bruna suffered convulsions and a cardiorespiratory arrest while watching TV.

Recounting the harrowing incident, 28-year-old David revealed, “Within a span of three minutes, she lost all signs of life. We rushed her to the hospital, and after 25 minutes, they managed to revive her. But she had endured a prolonged period without oxygen.”

David clarified that Bruna’s condition didn’t affect the essential functions of her nervous system but left her unable to perceive her surroundings. In simpler terms, his beloved wife faced permanent consequences, confined to a vegetative state.

After being hospitalized, Bruna received medical care for nearly two years. Since June 2019, David has devoted all his time to personally taking care of her at their home. However, facing unemployment, he encountered significant challenges in meeting all of his partner’s needs. Despite being in a familiar environment, Bruna’s condition requires the expertise of specialists, medications, proper nutrition, and various other essential provisions.

David’s income as a driver was insufficient to cover his wife’s extensive needs. Faced with financial challenges, he initiated fundraising efforts, receiving support from compassionate individuals. Despite this, the expenses associated with Bruna’s care continued to increase.

David acknowledged the predicament, mentioning, “We haven’t been able to secure her retirement benefits yet. However, we are fortunate to have the assistance of two volunteer lawyers who are aiding us. At present, we are reliant on donations to sustain ourselves.”

During their challenging journey, David discovered a ray of hope through information provided by neurologists about a treatment available in Canada. This treatment, involving a three-year course of medication and physiotherapy, had the potential to benefit Bruna. However, the cost amounted to approximately $19,000, leading the couple to seek financial assistance through donations in their fundraising efforts.

It’s been more than five years since that life-changing day for Bruna and David. David shares moments of the special memories he has collected with his beloved wife on his Instagram. He also updates his followers on Bruna’s ongoing progress.

Navigating through the difficulties of their journey, one undeniable truth surfaces: the deep and steadfast love that resides within David for Bruna. This affection illuminates through his every action and devoted gestures. How many of us can honestly claim to have encountered such unwavering loyalty and tenderness from our life partners?

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