Man Stirs Controversy: All Men Share One Attention-Grabbing Lie in Relationships

In the ever-evolving world of dating trends, it seems like everyone is playing games in their quest to find “The One.” From quirky methods like the penny trick to subtle strategies for making someone “obsessed,” expressing true feelings has become a challenge.

Now, an Australian man has spilled the beans on one common lie that men allegedly tell in relationships. According to Jake Craig, co-host of the Relatables podcast with Ottie Clarke, when men say, “I don’t want to get married,” they might be saying it for attention. Craig suggests that deep down, men might be hoping for the response, “No, but I want to marry you so bad.”

However, after sharing this insight on his TikTok video, women in the comments weren’t buying into the idea that their boyfriends were involved in such a widespread deception. Some expressed disbelief, with one saying, “Don’t lie to me, I’m fragile!”

Another commented, “Do not make us delulu,” and a third questioned, “Why would you say that?”

The notion isn’t entirely outlandish. Marina Neuman recently confessed to employing a similar tactic, telling her dates that she’s “looking to date for marriage” and doesn’t envision the relationship becoming serious.

Jake’s claim, however, threw some women into confusion. One expressed skepticism, saying, “I feel like I have never come across a guy who’s just joking. I wouldn’t trust it.”

Yet, some resonated with the psychology behind the statement. A woman shared an anecdote, stating, “Oh, well, this explains why my ex got so mad after he said this to all his mates in front of me and I said ‘I don’t expect to marry you anyway.'”

Others perceived it as men embracing their feminine energy, with one remarking, “Men are actually such girlies; it’s so funny,” and another stating, “Men want to be the princess so bad.”

However, not everyone was pleased with the idea, as one person expressed discomfort, saying, “This gives me the ick. It’s giving girl energy. Men pursue women for marriage, not the other way around.”

Another opinion emphasized maturity, noting, “Nah, it’s just immature and not knowing what you want. If you can’t say ‘I wanna marry you so bad’ too, then you don’t deserve her.”

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