Man Stole 10K from Girlfriend to Play Bet, Won 100M, and Returned her Money

Well, smart move by this dude, but when the girlfriend learned about what he did, she wasn’t happy at all and demanded $40 million from the bet money.

A Nigerian bloke stole 10K nairas from his girlfriend and bet with that money. The girlfriend thought she had lost the money at the salon she visited.

Two days later, the man was informed that his bet had come through, and he won a whopping sum of 100 million. In all the excitement, he went to his girlfriend and told her what had happened.

She was initially shocked to learn that her boyfriend took her money out of her bag without informing her, let alone asking for her permission.

However, the man assured her that as soon as he got the money, he would return her 10K.

But the girlfriend was not happy at all. She thought for a minute and told her boyfriend that he had to give her 40 million out of his 100 million bet money which she rightfully deserved.

The guy was stunned at the unexpected demand and said he would not give her that much money as it was he who won the bet. Moreover, he wanted to make new investments and boost his business with that money.

After some thinking, he told his girlfriend that he could give her 5000,000 but not what she was asking for. He clearly told her that 40 million was out of the question.

The girlfriend became furious and said it was her money that made him the winner, and if he had stolen the money from some other person, he would have been arrested by then.

She told him he was not being fair and that she had a right to demand 40 million out of his 100 million because he only won the bet because of her. She told him that had she not been in his life, he wouldn’t be witnessing that day.

They had a huge disagreement, and both argued for hours. Ultimately, the girl threatened him to either give her 40 million or she would break up with him.

The man remained conflicted because he did not want to leave his girlfriend as they had been in a relationship for a long time, and had strong feelings for her, but at the same time, he did not want to give her 40 million.

What a Dilemma!

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  1. I honestly believe that the girlfriend was rightly correct in demanding 40 mil. As a matter of fact she should have asked for 50 mil. Sure it was him who placed the bet but it was her money which he took dishonestly.. If the girlfriend took him to court I am sure she would get the full 100 mil.

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