A man’s decision to take a DNA test leads to the dissolution of his parents’ 33-year marriage

Most families have a few skeletons in the closet, but one man unintentionally ended his parents’ 33-year-long marriage by delving into the past.

In fact, he discovered a long-buried secret while taking a DNA test with his father, thanks to a discounted deal he found online.

Although some family members intended to keep this secret buried forever, the unnamed man decided to share it on social media shockingly.

The man, identified as user @throwmeaway29305 on Reddit, openly admitted in a lengthy thread how he unraveled his complex family history.

Curious to explore his “ancestry composition,” he recalled stumbling upon DNA kits advertised at nearly half the original price. This prompted him to purchase two kits, one for himself and one for his father.

Expecting harmless amusement, the Reddit user promptly sent off the tests, hoping for intriguing results.

While his wishes were granted, it turned out that the apple fell far from the tree, as their ancestry results were significantly different.

“The first thing my dad and I did was compare our ancestry composition, and I noticed it was a bit… off to say the least,” the Reddit user revealed.

“He is highly British and Irish (most strongly connected to the UK) with a small bit of French and German. I am mostly Scandinavian (most strongly connected to Sweden) with over a quarter French and German and some Italian.”

The shocking realization hit the father and son that they were not biologically related, leading to the dissolution of their parents’ decades-long marriage.

He even had to confront his mother, who had no idea about the underlying family discord.

“My mum came home, and he confronted her about it,” he shared online. “She lost it and admitted she knew I was some other man’s child all along and would’ve tried to stop us had she known we got the tests.”

The unwitting internet sleuth further mentioned that his parents were getting divorced after uncovering another branch of the family tree.

In fact, the test revealed the identity of the Reddit user’s biological father in the database, along with a possible half-sibling who shared 26.3 percent of their DNA.

Such stories have become increasingly common with the proliferation of online DNA kits, including a similar tale of a man discovering that four out of his five children were not his own.

Ironically, companies like Ancestry continue to advertise these kits with special discounts on Father’s Day—yes, really.

Perhaps it’s best to skip the sales if you don’t want to risk unearthing the past.

  1. Fathers deserve to know the truth… if it comes from a DNA kit as a Fathers Day sale, then so be it…

    This is a good thing, its the mother who needs to be ashamed of her pathetic family values..

  2. Sometimes moms protect their children from bad when she’s with a good man of being a good father . U don’t have to be the biological father to be a father . Sometimes it’s best to wait until child is older to tell truth .some men want to know the truth cause if parents aren’t gonna be together they don’t want to pay child support for a child that isn’t theirs 100% . I’m being real & honest .

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