Man Vs Woman After Break Up: 7 Main Differences

Breaking up with someone is really tough. It can be super hard emotionally and physically. It’s like all the wonderful dreams we had of a happy life together suddenly vanish. But eventually, we all have to accept the breakup and start rebuilding our lives.

You know how people say men and women are very different? Well, it turns out they deal with losing love in their own unique ways. Keep reading to learn more.

Differences Between Men and Women After a Breakup: 7 Contrasts

1. Handling the pain

Research shows that women tend to feel breakup pain more strongly than men. This might happen because women are usually more deeply connected to the relationship than men. In response, men might try to distance themselves from the hurt of the relationship ending. Men can also find it hard to understand and deal with their emotions, so they may try to avoid thinking about them by keeping busy with other things.

2. Emotional hurt

Women feel more upset emotionally after a breakup because they usually put more of their feelings into the relationship. On the other hand, the man in the relationship might feel lonely, embarrassed, and upset too, but his initial emotional hurt from a breakup might be not as much as the woman’s.

3. Post-breakup stress

Breaking up is tough for both guys and girls. But guys tend to feel more insecure, and they work really hard to keep their minds off the pain. Girls, on the other hand, also feel sad after a breakup, but they are usually better at getting back on their feet.

4. Timeframe to overcome breakup

According to research, men often need more time to recover from a breakup because the loss affects them deeply and for an extended period. In contrast, women tend to cope with the breakup by expressing their sadness and grieving, which helps them heal faster. Men find it hard to deal with because they try to avoid facing their feelings, while women are better at acknowledging their emotions and moving through them more quickly.

5. Expressing anger or frustration

Some people believe that after a breakup, men tend to get angrier and more resentful than women. Men might even want to get back at their ex-partners, while women are less likely to seek revenge. Anger can sometimes be a way to hide deeper feelings. In the past, society often saw it as more “manly” to show anger instead of admitting to feeling let down or scared. So, men might show they’re angry on the outside, but inside, they could be dealing with more complicated emotions because of the breakup.

6. Wanting to get back together

Usually, guys want to get back together with their ex more than girls do after a breakup. In the beginning, guys might enjoy being single, but later on, they might miss their ex. Girls also feel bad about the breakup but tend to find reasons for their unhappiness and keep moving forward in life.

7. Healing process

Men sometimes struggle to fully recover from rejection; they just learn to live with the pain. When they were kids, boys didn’t often get as much help with handling their emotions as girls did. Boys were usually told not to talk about their feelings. Women, on the other hand, are often better at bouncing back and moving on when a relationship ends.

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