Man Who Surgically Went From 5’5” to 6’0” Says Women Are Suddenly ‘All Up in His DMs’

A man who was sick of his short height decided to become tall and went to extreme lengths to achieve his goal.

Dynzell from Chicago claims he was sick of being ‘small’ and wanted to do anything to become tall like other desirable men. So, he decided to go through a limb-lengthening surgical procedure to reach his desired height.

After the surgery, he went from 5’5” to 6’0” and said suddenly many women were desiring him.

“The leg is surgically cut and there is a metal rod placed inside your leg that connects to the metal rod outside your leg,” he told LADbible in an interview.

“Every day for 90 days you turn the key on the metal rod outside your leg which triggers the internal rod to lengthen, slowly stretching the bones and muscles. After you reach your desired height the external metal device is removed and the internal rod remains intact until the bone regrows then they remove it.”

Dynzell, who goes by the username @mrbrokenbonez on Instagram and TikTok, has been documenting his journey on both platforms, and people are still baffled he actually went through this extreme length to become tall.

He got his first surgery done in December 2022 in Turkey and the second in May 2023. The whole procedure cost him around €100,000 (£85,741).

According to the outlet, the Chicago native who once worked as a Navy combat medic is recovering quickly and currently spending three to eight hours in the gym daily.

“Like I’m getting a lot of negative feedback online. But I noticed most of the negative feedback comes from men and men that claim to be tall with like no profile picture or anything,” said Dynzell.

He added that ever since his surgery, he has been receiving many messages from different women on social media who are showing interest in him.

“But like, a lot of women have actually been supportive, and a lot of women are DMing me, telling me how good I look and how good my new height looks on me.”

“I got a lot more attention from women and women actually approached me,” he added. “And it was so weird because it was women I didn’t know who were approaching me. It’s like they knew something was different even though I never met these women in my life.”

Speaking of his past experiences with women he had dated, Dynzell said he never felt so confident about himself before, and sometimes he used to feel so distressed because of his short height.

“I missed out on some opportunities,” he said. “Even if she was just a little taller than me, I don’t want to go talk to a woman that’s taller than me because I don’t want to be like the short one in this situation.”

“And also, like when I will go on dates, it will be very awkward for me like sometimes I’ll wear like dress shoes with a little bit of extra height in them. Or like I’ll put it in so because I don’t want whoever I’m going to deal with to be taller than me in heels,” he continued.

“And sometimes women would intentionally not wear heels because they don’t want to be taller than me. Now, I no longer have that problem. I have not gone out on a date yet. But I’m excited.”

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Source: LADbible

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