Married Female Teacher Jailed and Banned for Life for having an “Affair with Teenage Schoolgirl”

It was reported that a married female teacher was jailed for eight months for developing a sexual relationship with a schoolgirl.

A case was registered, and the Teeside Crown Court heard how the teen girl was misled by her teacher, who was sexually attracted to her, into thinking she was bisexual.

Now the court has banned Jones from teaching for the rest of her life.

Daily Mail reported that the 36-year-old admitted violating four charges of abusing a position of trust as a teacher.

“By engaging in sexual activity with a girl aged between 13 and 17. A Teaching Regulation Agency (TRA) disciplinary panel heard that Jones was a teacher at a school in County Durham.” 

Aimee, also a mom, started working as a school teacher in September 2016 and had more than five years of teaching experience before getting arrested in October 2021.

“In October last year, Jones was jailed for eight months at Teesside Crown Court and put on the Sex Offenders’ register for ten years. The court had been told after months of initial contact the pair met in a park and held hands.” 

The prosecutor, Jon Harley, said during the court proceeding that the couple used to take long walks in the park and often sat in Aimee’s car.

“The couple went on to walk in the more remote parts of the park or sit in the rear of Ms. Jones’s car. They kissed, they embraced and on one occasion they both removed their upper clothing and were naked from the waist up.”

“This was always accompanied by, what is described as, intense pre and post-texting with Ms. Jones acknowledging that what she was doing was wrong and taking risks.”

The matter was reported to the police after Aimee’s husband found out about her doings. He launched a complaint against her for cheating on him with a teenage schoolgirl.

In court, Jones admitted to having an affair with the girl; however she claimed that the girl was not her student but rather a teaching assistant she worked with.

According to a local news station, “The mum then attempted to persuade the school to pretend there was a fictitious teaching assistant at the school to deter her husband – although it was accepted this was not to hinder the police investigation.” 

“Teesside Crown Court heard that initially Jones and her husband stayed together but when the full extent of the affair came to light he did report it.”

Before her arrest, Jones also contacted her victim (name not revealed) and asked her to tell the police about their relationship and admit that everything happened with her consent.

“Judge Smith heard that Jones expressed ‘genuine remorse,’ and he said that was clear in both an ‘eloquent’ letter Jones had written to the court as well as in both a pre-sentencing report and a psychological report.”

After issuing the order to put her in jail for eight months, Judge Smith said, “Every parent who sends their child to school expects them to be kept safe by those into whose care they entrust their child.”

The misconduct hearing took place on November 4, 2022, and Aimee was banned from teaching forever.

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