Why it is sometimes okay to not marry someone you thought was your Soul mate?

Most of us believe that there will come a time in our lives where we will be questioning the presence and importance of love and that is when the perfect person will come to us and our lives will change from that moment onwards. The representation of such a situation in movies is so beautiful that no matter how sensible and realistic we are, a part of us wants to believe that it is true. We all want that perfect person in our lives who will make us believe that life is perfect and things couldn’t get any better. We want that one perfect person who is considered to be our soulmate.

A person may feel intense emotions and overall the relationship may seem perfect. The person may drive you wild and you may start doing things that you normally didn’t do. Carefree and wild behaviour may also become common in your daily life. You may get all protective, possessive and jealous. All this is healthy to a certain extent but too much of it gets unhealthy for you. We all have somewhat varying beliefs about soul mates but nevertheless, most of our beliefs are similar. Sometimes, finding the soulmate may not turn out to be as good as we expected.

We Are Forced to Find a Soul mate

We all get so desperate to look for our soulmate as we have been made to believe in this idea that there is only one person who is the perfect match for your soul. This belief makes us fearful that if we mess up or do anything wrong then we might lose our soulmate. *continue reading to the next page*

Imagine a ying yang without either the ying or the yang. It looks incomplete doesn’t it? Which is why we get fearful that our lives may fall apart and we may turn into a lonely person without our perfect soul mate. This fear holds us so tight that when we lose our soul mate, we get sad to an irreversible extent. It is necessary to not base your love life on what people have stuffed in your mind. You need to be optimistic and the possibility of finding the right one will increase.

Misconceptions about our Feelings

We all think that the moment we’ll find our soulmate, all the insecurities and other problems will go away, but that is not the case. In fact, the moment we find our soulmate is the moment we get more insecure, possessive and jealous. We get overprotective of our soulmate. That leads to so many problems.

We start to believe that we own them but that is not the case. Your soulmate can see through you. That is why even the most firmly introverted people open up to their soulmates and become an open book. In some cases, your soulmate is the only person who truly knows how you feel and what you want even though others may be trying their best to understand you but they wouldn’t know the reality. This can sometimes lead to a situation where your relationship falls apart.

Excessive Honesty

Now apart from all the good things that your soulmate has to offer, there are a few bad things as well. These things may not seem bad initially, but if you think about them a little more, you may see how harmful they can get. Soulmates appreciate absolute truthfulness which is why you become honest with them.

You don’t hide things from them and that becomes hard in some cases. When love is real, it will always ask you to reciprocate. This is why, in some cases, dealing with the purity and rawness of this extent gets very hard. This can lead to a lot of problems.В *continue reading to the next page*

The Intensity of the Relationship

Not everyone can handle having a soulmate. The intensity of the relationship with our soulmates can make us lose stability. ‘Your soulmate is like a mirror that hold up all your flaws’, this was said by Elizabeth Gilbert who is the author of bestselling novel Eat, pray, love. It is better to have a partner with whom you can be comfortable with along with being what you want to be.

It can get tiring sometimes to see your real self all the time. Instead of marrying your soulmate, it is relatively better to marry your best friend. Some people say that you can find your soulmate in your best friend as well, but if that’s not the case then marrying the person who happens to be your best friend is better because in that case, the relationship won’t be that tiring.

Who should be the right person to marry?

Marriage material partner should be the person with whom you’ll enjoy your life, cherish those tiny moments which you may not be able to enjoy alone. Having your soulmate as your partner and having a hot and passionate relationship in its pure form can get tiring and not everyone can handle it. One can take it as a lesson that not everything can be as perfect as we want it to be. There is a certain extent of imperfection in perfection itself.

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