9 ways a mature relationship differs from an immature one

Here are a few things that set apart a mature relationship from an immature one.

To know the difference, you have to be in such relationships. They may not necessarily have to be two different relationships; your relationship could simply transition from immaturity to maturity. In fact, that is the basic difference between the two; time. A mature relationship takes time to develop; it doesn’t even come close to love-at-first-sight or anything of the sort. It’s not something that keeps you up at nights, if anything; it helps you sleep more peacefully. Your life may treat you with a pile of problems, but a mature relationship wouldn’t add to them, rather help you through them.

Here are a few things that set apart a mature relationship from an immature one;

  1. There is no room for doubts in a mature relationship

You don’t have to worry about your partner’s loyalty or commitment, or the future of your relationship. You know for a fact that if they’re with you right now, it’s only because they see you in their future as well. And the way they treat you, you need not doubt their intentions. You feel a kind of reassurance in such relationships.

  1. Mature relationships fulfil all your needs

When you think about your relationship, you actually believe that it is the kind that offers you so much more than you could ever expect from any relationship. It doesn’t have you comparing your relationship to others, looking for flaws or for comfort either. The relationship is so fulfilling in every single way that you don’t even feel like something is missing. You don’t feel the need to constantly scrutinise it.

  1. Mature relationships respect and promote individuality

Yes, you’re two parts of a whole, but not literally! You’re simply meant to be together. You don’t have to become one person. You’re not supposed to think or act alike, as long as you’re with each other, you remain two parts of a whole. A mature relationship is a result of a bond between two mature people. They not only accept but appreciate each other’s individuality, and do everything they can to support each other to become the best that they can be. They believe in each other, and push each other to do what they most truly desire.

  1. Mature relationships keep you driven

Initially, you tend to be obsessed with each other and wanting to spend time together. But all that subsides eventually, though, only in mature relationships. Immature relationships lead you to believe that being in a relationship is enough and nothing else matters. Whereas, a mature relationship is one in which people are well adjusted to the reality of the matter. They know that you can’t have a good life just based on love; you need to have the right resources to live the kind of life you want and to have a secure future together. That other person just means double the drive to be something and get somewhere in life.

  1. Mature relationships argue in person rather than over text messages

Instead of making things worse by fighting over text messages, where there is almost always a risk of miscommunication, they settle everything face-to-face. It is the respectful thing to do. And if it’s not important enough to be argued over in person, it shouldn’t be a problem at all.

  1. Mature relationships are between two complete people

People who are aware of themselves and do not need anyone or anything to define them, are capable of having a mature relationship. They do not depend on each other nor do they have any delusions of other people making up for something they lack. The only reason they’re in a relationship is that they want to be in one, not because they feel that something is missing.

  1. Mature relationships are free of insecurities

Unless you’re in a first-and-only relationship, you both must have past relationships, or previous interests. You may even have admirers. Whatever the case may be, in a mature relationship, where the trust is intact, you will never feel insecure of anyone from each other’s past or any other person showing the slightest interest in your partner. You both know that what you two have is irreplaceable, and no one can do anything to change that, unless you allow them to.

  1. Mature relationships progress at their own pace

Immature relationships always trouble you with not taking the next step soon enough or too soon. The time just never seems to be right. However, in a mature relationship, there is no rush, you two don’t have to worry about how fast or slow things move, as long as it’s what you both want. You allow your relationship to grow in its own time.

  1. Mature relationships accept your past

Your past isn’t limited to previous relationships, but everything that you’ve ever done in your life to the time you got into a relationship with someone. A mature relationship instead of judging you for your past embraces it and helps you deal with it. When you come to understand that we all make bad choices and decisions at times, but that doesn’t deem us hopeless, it becomes easier to overlook the past. You learn to focus on the good.

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