10 Reasons why men can’t handle a deep woman

It takes a lifetime of pain, heart-wrenching experiences, and diverse personalities around you to reach a certain level of depth in your mind and heart.

While this is actually one of the greatest qualities to have for a woman, it also ends up making it difficult for her to find someone who she can share a long-lasting relationship with, someone who truly understands all parts of her, and someone who can give her true love and happiness.

Not every man has the courage and strength to handle a deep woman. Here are 10 reasons why:

  1. She will ask you the deepest questions. She will want to travel to the darkest corners of your mind and soul, probing further inside your life and asking you certain questions that you might not even be prepared to fully answer. It’s not possible for her to enjoy a shallow and superficial conversation, so she might find her digging deep and asking personal questions from the very first date.
  1. She stays honest a little too honest and blunt sometimes. A deep woman is bound to hold her integrity very close so the one thing she truly believes in is staying honest with the people she loves. She will always reply with the truth to anything you ask her. And she will expect the same level of honesty from you.
  2. She knows exactly what she wants in life or who she wants. She can tell right away if she likes you or not, and she definitely doesn’t need to explore all of her options and date around a lot in order to be completely sure of her own feelings. Her heart can only beat for a few special people and she can instantly tell who they are.
  3. She will want to share a deep relationship with you. She wants to have long and intense conversations about your life. She wants to know all about your past, the good parts, and the bad. She wants to understand all the pain you’ve endured and all the things that make you smile. And she wants to make sure that she’s able to add some value to your life. She wants a relationship that is real, a relationship that moves beyond just going out and having a fun time.
  1. She is not scared of intimacy. She is not scared of getting closer to you and being vulnerable to the risk of getting hurt in the process. She doesn’t think that this relationship will hurt her freedom or leave her feeling helpless at any point. Her intimacy and depth come hand in hand, which is why she will always want to relish in the beauty of intimacy in any relationship she has.
  1. She can see right through you. She can understand who you truly are and know the things that make you feel vulnerable, the things you keep hidden inside your heart. And she won’t hold back from pointing out all the things she sees or the fact that she can read you well. But she isn’t doing this to make you feel uncomfortable. She only wants you to feel like you have someone who understands you, someone who won’t mind you being yourself around her.
  2. She yearns for consistency. She gets easily turned off if you display inconsistent or flaky behavior around her. She wants to build a strong and unbreakable bond with you, and she’s well aware that consistency will be the foundation of that bond.
  3. She is extremely intense, which might make her look a bit intimidating. She has intense emotions and thoughts, which is why it’s quite impossible for her to act indifferent about the things that truly matter to her. And not everyone has the courage and strength to handle this kind of intensity.
  1. She only knows how to love deeply. And if she feels like you don’t, she will instantly walk away. She doesn’t understand the concept of casually dating a person you’re really into or staying friends with someone you have feelings for. She can tell when someone isn’t even meeting her halfway. And she will start to slowly detach herself away from a person who isn’t ready to give her the kind of deep love she desires.
  1. She will not keep waiting for you– waiting for you to make up your mind, waiting for you to stop being hesitant about her, waiting for you to finally come around someday! She is a strong and passionate woman, and she will not let her time and emotions get wasted on someone who can’t appreciate her depth and honesty. And while she is trying to discover a special kind of love, she is not afraid of being on her own.

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