Men Made Fun of Alex Hirschi for Her Love for Supercars; She Owns A Collection Now

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Today’s story is about a queen who never let anyone stop her from achieving her dreams. Australian-born Alexandra Mary Hirschi, also known as Supercar Blondie, is a massive social media influencer in the world of sports cars, supercars, ultra-luxury cars, you name it.

Today, she’s the most well-known woman to represent the supercar industry – holding millions upon millions of dedicated and supportive followers on social media. But things weren’t easy for her when she began.

Alex Hirschi & Her Love for Cars

Alex Hirschi always loved cars and everything about cars. But sadly, we live in a world where a lot of unnecessary “norms” exist. Alex wanted to be in the supercar, sports car industry – the majority of it is dominated by men, and they gave her a tough time when she started off.

Alex, while speaking to The Sun Online, said:

“I felt hugely judged in this space when I was starting out. I didn’t just feel judged, I was judged.”

“I was almost always the only woman in the room at car events.”

“I was talking about cars in layman’s terms so that we could all understand and be a part of this world.”

“The car world was always so intimidating. I wanted to open it up to more people but it was a hard slog, to begin with.”

But Alex didn’t let any of that stop her. Her passion for supercars kept her going, making her unstoppable. But even after the fame, she still gets a lot of negativity from some people on social media. Alex continues:

“I have lots of negative comments. It just comes with the gig.”

“When I started out it really affected me and I even had to see a therapist to try and get through it.

Now she’s reached a point where she’s invisible to the negativity. She said:

“That helped a lot. I also took a break from reading comments. Now it really doesn’t bother me.”

While on the subject of how it feels to reach stardom level in an industry she always wanted to be in, she said:

“It still blows my mind.”

“I have to pinch myself when some of the biggest stars in the world slide into my DMs, to ask if I really got to drive that car or my thoughts on what they’ve just bought. That’s cool,”

Today, with a combined following of more than 70 million supporters, she loves her audience and speaks very highly of them:

“My audience means a lot to me. It’s like having a support system of millions of people, it’s incredible.”

Alexandra Hirschi is a true queen of today’s generation of influencers; she’s the embodiment of success. In an industry where she received a very challenging time, she stayed true to herself and her dreams – making her the most influential person in the supercar industry today!

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Images & Featured Image via Alexandra Hirschi on Instagram

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