Men Who Marry Smart Women Have Healthier and Longer Lives

1. Breaking News: If you’re a man who wants to have a long and happy life, you should marry a smart woman.

You would probably know by now that the older you get, the more difficult the problems in life are going to become. And that is exactly why you need to make sure that you have a partner who is going to help you through the toughest challenges of your life; someone who is going to help you age gracefully. This might seem obvious to you, but having a happy marriage with someone is more than just ensuring that you have a solid companion for life. There are some pretty significant health benefits that come with choosing the right spouse to spend the rest of your life with. More specifically speaking, you are going to likely live a much longer life if you end up marrying a smarter woman.

2. Intelligence can help curb Alzheimer’s disease.

Professor Lawrence Whalley, an expert in the field of mental health at the University of Aberdeen says that Alzheimer’s disease can really be buffered by intelligence. Whalley has listed so many reference articles that support this idea. These studies have shown that consistent brain activity can actually help in preventing dementia. Brain activities such as reading, solving puzzles and problems, and learning new hobbies can really aid in keeping the mind fresh and healthy. However, intelligence can extend beyond that. It can also have a profound effect on the health of your relationship and your partner as well.

Boys are rarely ever told this truth; and that’s why it needs to be said right now: Boys should marry smarter women if they want to live longer lives. Whalley has also conducted numerous experiments concerning the effects of genetics on a person’s likelihood to develop dementia later on in life. He did this by experimenting on two identical twins who happened to be separated at birth. These twins would live separate lives under different stimuli, influences, environments, and upbringings. They would both have different lives as a whole.

And the idea was that since these two individuals had the same genetic makeup, the likelihood to develop dementia later on in life would generally be the same. However, the results speak for themselves – and it blew everyone out of the water. It wasn’t the same at all. Despite sharing the same kind of genetic makeup, the twins had distinctly varying levels of dementia later on in life. And it was found that the one who was more exposed to a more highly academic and intellectual lifestyle was the one who had better brain strength and mental acuity despite the increase of age. It was the twin who didn’t have a significantly academic life that became more prone to the ill effects of dementia and Alzheimer’s.

3. Having a healthy relationship can help you have a healthy life.

Of course, that isn’t to say that marrying a person who is intelligent is automatically going to guarantee you to have a long life that is full of happiness and splendor. You also have to make sure that you are both compatible with one another if you are going to face life’s problems and challenges as a team. You’re going to want to make sure that you are able to make up for one another’s weaknesses and shortcomings – and that you are able to highlight each other’s strengths.

Here is a more concrete list of things that you can REALLY look for in a spouse and in a healthy relationship to ensure a longer and happier life for yourself:

  1. Higher education.
  2. Consistent intelligent stimulation.
  3. Fulfilling careers and jobs.
  4. Financial security.
  5. Linguistic skills.
  6. Emotional fulfillment.

It has been found that the more of the things on that list that you are able to have in your own relationship, the better your overall mental health is going to be later on in life. If you need more examples on what you can do to have consistent intelligent stimulation, here are a few: solving puzzles, learning new skills, traveling, writing, artistic expression, exploration, and more. The point is that you should always be willing to place yourself outside of your comfort zone because that is where most growth takes place. When you have an intelligent spouse, it can be very easy for you to be more exposed to these daily doses of stimulation and intellectual engagement.

In summary, having an intelligent wife isn’t necessarily going to guarantee your freedom from Alzheimer’s disease. However, it’s more likely that you are going to end up having a happier and more comfortable life as a result of being married to someone smart. In life, it’s not always going to be about how a person looks; it’s also about how much depth a person has.

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