Michael J. Fox Mourns the Death of his Mother Two Weeks after her Passing at ‘Back to the Future’ Comic-Con Panel Discussion

Michael J. Fox is known for his iconic role in the 1985 movie, Back to the Future. The science fiction movie was released in 1985 and starred Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Lea Thompson, Crispin Glover, and Thomas F. Wilson.

The story revolved around a teenager, Marty McFly (played by Michael J. Fox) who accidentally traveled back in time to 1955 through a time-traveling automobile.

Thirty-seven years later, two of the main characters from the movie reunited and talked about their past adventures related to the blockbuster film, which made everyone emotional.

The legendary duo (Fox and Lloyd) got together in New York for the Comic-Con Festival to speak on the panel discussion about their iconic film Back To The Future’s trilogy.

“The pair, who respectively starred as time-traveling high school student Marty McFly and eccentric “Doc” Emmett Brown in the 1985 blockbuster and its two sequels, appeared together at New York Comic Con on Saturday to speak on a panel about the modern classic’s legacy.” – CNN.

While talking to the huge crowd of fans, 61-year-old Fox recalled his first-ever encounter with the award-winning actor, Christopher.

“The best part of this movie was working with Chris, he is just a genius, and we had immediate chemistry. It was simply great working with him,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Emmy Award winner called Fox the ‘King of Exposition.’

During the discussion, Fox also revealed that his mother, Phyllis Fox, recently passed away at 92 on September 24.

The actor remembered his late mom by reminiscing the time when she tried to stop him from filming Family Ties during the daytime and Back To The Future during the night.

 “I was 23 years old, and I called her, she was in Canada, and I said, ‘They want me to do this Steven Spielberg movie, but I have to do it at night and I have to do Family Ties in the daytime.’ And she said, ‘You’ll be too tired,”‘ he shared. 

“I live for this kind of tired. It’ll be okay.” He said that’s what he told his mom.

“To this day — well, till two weeks ago — my mother thought it was a really bad idea for me to do Back to the Future. She loved the movie, [but she was right], I got tired.”

During the same panel discussion on Saturday, the Teen Wolf actor talked about his life struggles and how he learned to be optimistic and grateful for all the little blessings in life.

“Well, in the last year, I’ve broken my cheek, my eye socket, my hand, my elbow … my shoulder. I had a rough year of getting beat up,” he told the audience. “But that was really cool because it made me realize … with gratitude, it’s sustainable.”

“If you can find something to be grateful for, if you can find something and say, ‘Well, that’s good,’ … It’ll always get better. I’m very optimistic.”

“I’d say optimism is thinking that things are more likely to get better than they are to get worse. If you believe in that, and you are grateful for it, that’ll sustain you the rest of your life,” he added.

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Sources: CNNDaily Mail

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