Michigan Couple Welcomes First Baby Girl in Over 130 Years

A Michigan family welcomed their first daughter in 138 years.

Two weeks old, Audrey was born on March 17 to Carolyn and Andrew Clark, making them parents for the second time. They were already parents to a 4-year-old son.

According to GMA, “Audrey also happens to be the first daughter on Andrew Clark’s side of the family since 1885, according to the Clarks’ family records.”

“It was a huge surprise for all of us,” a very happy Andrew told Good Morning America.

The couple started dating at least ten years ago and Audrey’s mother, Carolyn said initially she didn’t believe Andrew’s family story.

“I’m like, ‘Oh, it’s a 50-50 chance every time. What do you mean?’ He goes, ‘No, legitimately, we have not had a girl in our direct line in over 100 years.'” She recalled.

“I asked his parents to confirm that information, and they’re like, ‘Oh yeah, no, we haven’t had a girl in our direct line.’ He’s had uncles and cousins that have had girls, but in his lineage, there has not been a girl.”

The news of Audrey’s arrival was very special for Carolyn as well as she suffered a miscarriage in 2021.

“When we found out we were pregnant, we honestly didn’t care if we were having a boy or girl at that point. We just were thankful to be pregnant and just praying for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby,” said Clark. “It was just icing on the cake that it was a girl.”

Last year in September, the family gathered their close relatives to learn the sex of the baby and celebrated with custom cookies when they learned they were going to become parents to a sweet baby girl.

“We kept it a secret to ourselves as well. So I just assumed it was going to be blue in the center of the cookies and it’d be another boy in the lineage,” Andrew told GMA.

“I was shocked. I think I just stared at the center of that cookie like, it’s really pink. So it was a good surprise for us.”

Carolyn added that their whole family is super excited and happy to welcome daughter Audrey in their lives.

 “We’re so happy that she’s finally here and once again, that she’s healthy and that everything went well with the delivery.”

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Source: Good Morning America

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